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The Tax Haven of Seychelles 1

By:Ramapati Singhania

Located in the stunning waters of the Indian Ocean, northeast of Madagascar and 1,600 from Kenya,
Seychelles is a paradise in many ways. There are 115 small islands that make up Seychelles, and these islands are unknown to many people today.

Seychelles offers a wealth of prospects in terms of investment opportunities, recreational activities and overall quality of life. Seychelles is now one of the most recognized and leading tax haven tax havens,offering strong competition to those well known tax havens located in the Caribbean. That's right, not only is Seychelles a tropical haven, but a tax haven as well, and one that offers a world of opportunities.

Seychelles might look tiny of the map, but it is fully equipped with excellent communication systems, well-developed infrastructure and exceptionally appealing investment opportunities that more and more business people are beginning to capitalize on. It has some of the most enticing and appealing offers making it a first choice destination for tax haven tax havens.

Seychelles is an increasingly popular tax haven, so much so that in July 2004 the Seychelles Investment Bureau (SIB) was established, and this Bureau acts as the first point of call for all business matters happening in or relating to Seychelles.

Tax haven corporations are booming in Seychelles. There are two types of tax haven companies in Seychelles:

1)Tax-free International Business Company (IBC)
2)Low-tax Special License Company

The different between the two is that the first pays no tax on income generated overseas, while the second pays 1.5% on income generated overseas. The second also refers to a tax-resident in Seychelles, which can sometimes lead to easier business undertaken overseas. However in terms of competitiveness with other tax haven havens, a Tax-Free International Business Company in Seychelles is considered one of the best.

Not only is an International Business Company completely tax free, but there are also other perks with having a tax haven company in Seychelles.

Investors benefit from:

-Fast services - a standard Seychelles IBC can be implemented in as little as 14 days
-Low maintenance costs
-Strict confidentially protected by law
-No information-sharing agreements

To set up a tax haven company is straight forward at simple at Seychelles. Companies can be registered in English or French, and the name of the company can be in any language so long as it has a subsequent translation.
There are other perks to incorporating a company in the best tax haven of Seychelles:

-There is no minimum capital requirement for an tax haven company in Seychelles
-A Seychelles company is extremely flexible in many ways, for example an IBC can choose if or if not to hold annual meetings, directors meetings are not a requirement however they can be held in Seychelles if desired
-IBCs only need one director or more if desired. However this is not a requirement
-IBCs can have directors and shareholders of any nationality and be residents of any country
-The IBC can engage in business which is legal in any country and in whatever currency, however business can not be undertaken with residents of Seychelles

And the tax benefits:
One of the best thing about having a International Business Company located in Seychelles is the no tax policy. IBCs are completely exempt from all taxes on income derived outside of the Seychelles.

Investing in Seychelles offers so many advantages. Enjoy stringent privacy, see your wealth increase, open bank accounts in your companies name. It is possible in Seychelles, and it is easy!

Let's not forget that Seychelles is not only a tax haven tax haven, but it's also a tropical haven offering the ideal lifestyle.

A brief overview of Seychelles

Capital: Victoria

Currency: Rupee

Climate: Tropical climate and warm all the time! Consistently 24 to 32 degrees. January and February is the rainy season.

Religion: Predominantly Roman Catholic however there are Anglican and Protestant churches. There are also Muslim, Hindu and Bahai communities as well.

Language: There are three official languages in Seychelles. Creole, French and English.

Total land occupancy: 455.3 square kilometers.

Population: 81,000

Producers of: Cinnamon, vanilla, coconuts, sweet potatoes, tapioca, bananas, tuna, chicken, teas

Government: Seychelles is a Republic, and it is members of the Commonwealth, La Francophonie, the United Nations, the African Union. The President is the head of state, and the current president is Mr. James Alix Michel.

Brief History: Seychelles was initially colonized by the French, however in 1814 it became territory of Britain. In 1976 Seychelles achieved its independence from Britain. Today Seychelles enjoys her independence while being a republic in the commonwealth.

The Seychelles Islands are rich in beauty and history. Whatever water sport you enjoy, or whether it is simply swimming in the transparent and glistening waters, everything is possible in Seychelles. The crystal clear waters are ideal for snorkeling, diving, sailing and fishing.

Seychelles is also home to two magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Sites. One of the sites is located in the island of Aldabra and it is the world's largest raised coral atoll. The other place is the Vallae de Mai on the Praslin Island and it is where Coco-de-mer nut grows high on ancient palms. In addition to these two paradises there are also beautiful bird sanctuaries and six national marine parks to add to the splendor of the island.

Seychelles not only has breath-taking beaches, but ideal terrain for trekking. Or if you prefer the more passive pursuits, hire a boat and visit the other stunning islands. There are endless opportunities at Seychelles. Not only does Seychelles offer all these wonderful things, but to add to the appeal, the people of Seychelles are friendly and very welcoming.

Seychelles is the ideal tax haven, it offers everything from attractive investment opportunities to fun recreational activities!

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Article Source:

Ramapati Singhania specializes in creating and managing web businesses. His latest website focuses on helping you to incorporate companies in Seychelles, a tax haven near Madagascar. You can also visit his blog,

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