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Getting Through to Yahoo!

By:Manas Kumar

Anyone who has used bulk email marketing software probably has recipients with Yahoo! email addresses. Those whose email marketing solution allows them to check analytical data are familiar with the fact that Yahoo! inboxes are the toughest to get their messages delivered to. Even the double op-tin, qualified email addresses with the domain on your distribution list are at risk of having your messages stopped by overly protective spam filters.

Walking in Yahoo!'s Shoes:
Understand that Yahoo! isn't out to keep your email out of their users' inboxes. They are interested in keeping spam away from their users because the more of their users that stay happy, the less their users make a switch to Gmail or Hotmail. Just like you, they're in business to make money.

Yahoo! uses a number of different methods to block spam from bothering their users. They check the IP reputation of the sender's mail server against real time blacklists and other DNS blacklists, they check DNS settings that help identify and authenticate the sender (Domain Keys, DKIM, reverse DNS, sender policy framework, etc.), they check the sender's Senderscore, and they rely on user feedback.

But their methods don't stop there. Additionally, Yahoo! checks the email content and encoding against certain rules that are used to flag potential spam. For instance, sending emails with certain words in the subject or body, using base64 encoding to hide email text, over punctuating (using multiple exclamation points!!!), and other common traits used in spam will increase the likelihood that your mass email campaigns will be stopped at the gate.

So what is a business to do when their bulk email marketing software reports that messages to Yahoo! boxes are being flagged as spam and the open rates are miniscule as a result?

Breaking Through:
If your bulk email marketing software is reporting low delivery rates to Yahoo! users, then you may need to apply some of these techniques to your bulk marketing messages:

* Make sure that your mail server uses Domain Keys for authentication (specifically Domain Keys Identified Mail)
* Make sure your domain has a proper SPF Text Record
* Make sure that your mail server's IP address has Reverse DNS pointing to the hostname of the mail server
* Use a mail server that has a Senderscore rating of over 60

Once you have made sure that your mail server is set properly, you need to contact Yahoo! and fill out their Bulk Sender Form. While this is not really a whitelist for enterprise email marketing, it is as close as you can get.

Once Yahoo! receives your request, they will check your reputation and that of your mail server. It's important to apply the aforementioned techniques to your server before you send this in. Once you're approved, Yahoo! will get your bulk mailings sent to the correct folder if your bulk email marketing software is sending messages to a double opt-in list. They are strict about this so make sure you're complying.

Follow Up:
Once you're cleared to send bulk emails to Yahoo! addresses, check up on your bulk marketing campaign. Using your bulk email marketing software, keep track of the delivery rates and open rates for your mailings. If you notice that they are low when it comes to Yahoo! recipients, you may need to follow up with them to get this fixed.

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Manas Kumar is CEO of Genesis Interactive, the creators of Maxmail HQ, an email marketing software , Dimension CRM, a powerful CRM solution as well as FILO HQ - a simple search engine optimization


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