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Offload Your Investment and Lease Your Computer Equipment

By:Amy Nutt

People who buy computers are forever caught in the upgrade loop. By the time you open the box on a new computer, the thing becomes obsolete. This is because computers and related equipment are constantly undergoing upgrades.

This fact can cause a pretty hefty hit to the wallet if you plan to keep up with the ever expanding demands of computer technology. This can be especially true if you need to buy a desktop, laptop or other items for a small business.

There is however, a solution to this maddening cycle.

Computer Equipment leasing

Although leasing computer equipment can be more expensive in some ways than buying a system, in other ways, it is extremely beneficial.

The major advantages

- You can stay on the cutting edge of computer technology. Leases last between 3-5ears which is the basic cycle of IT related upgrading.

- You can replace faulty equipment and have it serviced, something you may not be able to do with a computer that you own.

- Leased computers come with 1 800 Call Center numbers. In other words, if something happens to your computer you can call to have an IT tech walk you through fixing the problem. With an outright purchase you have to pay for this service. With a lease, the feature generally comes with the computer.

- You won't have to worry about depreciation factors, since you would be cycling the computer every 3-5 years depending on your leasing agreement.

- You will be able to try different computers, programs and brands, even swapping out certain items, like monitors or printers, at your discretion.

- You can spread out payments over time as opposed to paying a lump sum of money all at once.

- Depending on the agreement, you can get your computer or equipment replaced if something happens to it.

How to lease computer equipment

Now that you're interested in leasing equipment, you wonder how to get started. Well, the first thing you may wish to do is perform an online search for a company that offers this service. Once located, you can call them for direct quotes.

If you want to lease a specific brand, you can also call the manufacturer first to see if they offer "direct leasing".

What to expect

Most leasing firms offer a contract where a monthly fee is established. The fee will depend on how many months the computer is leased for. Obviously, leasing will be more expensive in the long run, but when you consider the add-on's you are getting, the extra fee is well worth it.

Be sure to ask about various options, such as if you'll have the ability to upgrade or renew your computer at the end of the lease agreement. New terms may be established at that time.

Types of equipment leased

There are several different types of equipment besides computers that can be leased for your business or home office. The equipment you choose will depend on your needs and wants at the time of leasing.

The items most often leased are:

- PC and MAC desktops

- Notebooks and lap tops

- Monitors and

- Printers

Parts and accessories can also be leased depending on the company and the contract. All items could be subject to warranties.

Home and Business offices benefit

Whether you are a small business or a telecommuter with an in home office, you can greatly benefit from leasing equipment as opposed to purchasing a computer outright. Before you make a final decision in this regard, make sure you shop around for the best deal. Ask questions and do your homework, taking nothing for granted.

By taking time to get exactly what you want from a computer lease arrangement, you'll obtain an office that is ever expanding, keeping you ahead of the game in your chose field.

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Article Source:

Vernon Technology Solutions - Computer Rental

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