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66 Ways To Promote Your product or Services

By:Joe Trevison MBA CPA

Some guru sells his program because he has 60 ways of marketing. One Dentist was asked about his marketing he said he had 100 ways and use them all. Well I came up with 66 so far. I will work on more sometime after tax season or you can email me with ones I might have missed.

The true is you can’t use them all. Some are too costly for many of us. Some won’t work. Try as many as you like and find the ones that work and work them till they stop working or you stop working, whichever comes first.

Here they are:

1. Direct to Consumers

2. Party plan

3. Rack Jobbers

4. Wholesalers

5. Mail Order House

6. Resident Buyers

7. Fairs and Exposition

8. Chain Stores

9. Discount Stores

10. Lease Departments

11. Supermarkets

12. Free Publicity

13. Sales People

14. Franchising

15. Co Party

16. U.S. Government

17. Direct Mail

18. Co-op Mailing

19. Trade shows

20. Advertising Specialties

21. PX’s

22. Premiums

23. Classifieds:

24. In Papers

25. In Magazine

26. On the net

27. In Special papers

28. Articles

29. Ezine

30. Emails

31. Sig files

32. Radio

33. Television

34. Seminars (paid to You)

35. Bill Boards

36. Flyers

37. Brochures

38. Seminars you give free

39. Telephone

40. Referrals

41. E.books

42. Free Search Engines

43. Paid Search Engines

44. Post cards

45. Yellow Page ad

46. Cross Selling with others

47. Joint Ventures

48. Telemarketing

49. Take out Boxes with ads on

50. Posters

51. Booth at Mails or stand at mall

52. Man or Women with sign about your business

53. Window Display

54. Outside Signs

55. Articles for directories on the net

56. Free downloads with ads about your business products or services

57. Free Recording

58. Free Video

59. Free CD

60. Free Report

61. Free Samples

62. Special Events

63. Contests and Sweepstakes

64. Column in a Newspaper

65. Editorial writing by you

66. Free Phone Messages

Let me know at if you would like me to explain any of these in a report that your interest in. It will be at least 2 pages with a lot of information.

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Article Source:

Mr. Trevison worked 15 plus years for a monster you know as the IRS. He retired in 1992. He has worked teaching accounting, taxes, payroll, business math, and business software for several colleges and secondary schools. He presently has an accounting practice in Downtown Erie, PA. He also operates from the net. He has a Web Site with lot of FREE Items. And he has a profitable shopping cart.

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