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How To Get Big Biceps And Add Inches To Your Biceps

By:Chris Chew

People usually regard their biceps as a glamour muscle largely because they are visible as compared to your leg muscles which are usually hidden in your pants. This is why you will see people working out to build big biceps more than they will work on their, say calf muscles. The problem is that in order to add inches of muscles to your biceps, you must know how your biceps will react to your workout training. Your biceps will respond to certain stimulus better than others, just like any of your muscle groups, they have their own preference for certain training stimuli. So instead of mindlessly curling the weights and hopping from one bicep station to another like a gym monkey in the hope of getting your biceps to grow big, all your training will be futile if you do not adhere to certain principles to add inches of rock solid muscle on your biceps.

• Width Of Grip In Bicep Curls – Do understand that the width of your grip when training your biceps do make a difference. A wide grip on the barbell works harder on your inner biceps whereas a narrow grip targets the outer biceps. This is where you can carve and sculpt the shape of your biceps.

• Consistent Bicep Tension – When curling to the top position, do not bring your forearm up to be perpendicular to the floor. In doing so, you will actually be easing the load on your biceps and you are thus allowing your biceps to rest in between reps. Similarly when lowering the weights, you should not let them lower all the way, but keep a little bent in your elbows at the bottom position. In other words, always maintain bicep tension during a given set of exercise.

•Arm Movements – Working your biceps with dumb bells allow you to work your biceps through elbow flexion and hand supination. This allows your workout to have more variation and hitting different angle of your bicep muscles and at the same time, varying the parts played by supporting muscles. When working with barbells, your grip is one of supination which helps in maximizing bicep contraction to force new muscle growth.

•Isolation Bicep Exercises – Exercises like the preacher curls and concentration curls isolate your biceps and prevent supporting muscles like your deltoids from kicking in. Isolation exercises force your biceps to contract and work harder activating new growth and forcing your biceps to have that “peaked” look.

•Mix Your Exercises – Change exercises and routines after every few weeks. Instead of doing barbell curls, then hammer curls, reverse your routine with doing your hammer curls then follow up by barbell curls. This is only one example of so many variables you can use when you are executing your bicep exercises to add inches on your biceps and forcing your muscles to grow big. The idea is to keep your biceps guessing and to prevent them from adapting to your routine and hitting a plateau.

There you are, keep these principles in mind when working out your biceps and watch your guns peak explode in size.

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Article keywords: big biceps, bicep muscles

Article Source:

Chris Chew is a personal trainer of actors, fashion models, and international male pageant winners.

He authored Burn Fat Build Muscle System and is frachisee of American Muscle Fitness Personal Trainer Certification

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