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Make Money With Concrete Blocks And Garden Ornaments

By:John Mowatt

Making concrete blocks and garden ornaments is a profitable business. You can start from home working in your garage with very little cost. Using hand molds you can produce a wide selection of concrete products.

Concrete blocks are a staple of the building trades and are used for all kinds of structures. Everything from large buildings to small backyard compost boxes is built using concrete blocks. Using hand molds you can turn out 100 blocks per day quite easily.

Concrete bird baths are a big seller. Demand is huge and they sell very well. These are easily turned out from hand made molds and can be sold through garden stores and local building supply stores. They will be happy to have a local supplier since transporting
concrete products from distant sources is expensive. With no transportation costs you can sell at a very competitive price and make an excellent profit.

Plans are available for making all kinds of concrete garden ornaments and furniture from either hand made or commercial molds. Concrete vases of all sizes right up to huge 'Ali Baba' type vases do not require molds. You can make a wide selection of these using very simple production methods.

The basic concrete block manufacturing business can be supplemented by producing these very popular decorative items. Making them is easy and there is a strong demand for them. They are a great addition to any concrete products business.

By starting part time working from your garage you have no financial risk. You can start with just the cost of plywood and sheet metal to make your cement block molds. The ingredients for your concrete mix are Portland cement,sand,gravel and water which you will find at your local building supplier. When your business grows you will decide when to go full time.

When hand molds are no longer enough to make the large quantity of blocks you will need,to fill orders,you will want to acquire a concrete block machine. Several manufacturers supply these but they are quite expensive. The other option is to build your own machine.

You can build an excellent concrete block machine from auto parts,sheet metal and a few bits and pieces. Plans and instructions are available for this project. The cost is low and it works as well as any commercial model.

When your volume of production reaches a certain level you will need bigger premises to house the racks for drying your concrete blocks. A second person to move the blocks from the machine to the racks will be required. The profits from your business at this stage can readily absorb these extra expenses.

You can start your concrete block business with very little money. It will grow into a full time very profitable enterprise with hard work. There is no limit to how far you can go in this profitable business. Demand for concrete products continues to increase and you can earn an income you have only dreamed about till now.

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