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How to Build Huge Big Muscles – Gain Big Muscle Mass For Bodybuilding Beginners

By:Chris Chew

So you want build a well toned muscular body with strong broad chest muscles, rippling 6 pack abs and an athlete’s physique, but do not know where to start because what you’ve read in bodybuilding magazines and your searches on the internet is confusing you with all the muscle building jargon and conflicting advices.

This step by step article is written to clear your confusion as it is written with the body building beginners who want to build huge big muscles in mind.

•Do not train your muscles too often - If your exercises are intensive enough which is necessary to grow big muscles, you need only to train each muscle group only once or at most twice a week. Your training schedule shouldn't repeat training the same muscle groups in the same week. Every time you train, you damage your muscles and muscles need time to repair and it does so after your training when you are resting. This means that if you lift weights on consecutive days, there isn't sufficient time for the body to recover. Try to have one day rest between each weight lifting day.

•Are you using the correct weightlifting techniques? - If your weight lifting techniques or form are incorrect, not only will your training retarded, you are also inviting injury. When you exercise you must think and focus on the working muscles, instead of mindlessly repeating the motions, do take note of how you perform each exercise and rep. Do so with deliberation and at the beginning and end of every lift, pause and squeeze the muscles you are exercising. Mind and muscle must connect! Never never use momentum of the swing to lift the weights and let gravity pull the weight down. That is why you must lift slowly and lower slowly feeling the tension in your muscles and resisting the load all the time.

You may wish to consult your personal trainer or read up on the correct form and technique for each exercise. This is crucial if you want huge muscle growth.

•Use Free Weights - Most machines do not involve as much of the synergistic muscles (supporting muscles) as free weights do and so are less effective than free weights to recruit more muscle fibers to build bigger muscle mass. Synergistic muscles are the smaller muscles that aid the main muscles in balance and strength in each lift. Machines have its uses, but for beginners (with an experienced spotter) and do use free weights more often.

•Workout with compound exercises - Compound exercises are exercises that involve 2 or more joint movements and thereby employing bigger muscles and more synergistic muscles to boot. Bench presses, dead lifts, squats, and chin ups amongst others are fantastic compound exercises. To add icing to the cake, because of the massive utilization of your muscles, you will pant, puff and sweat more. That means your routine also has a cardio effect and you will burn body fat calories even hours after you stepped out of the gym.

•Are you working out your lower body? - Your muscles are programmed to grow proportionately with only slight variations. If you do not train your lower body, your upper body mass will stop growing before it becomes huge. Surely, you've heard of chicken legs! Just because leg training can be brutal, it doesn't give you the reason to hide your legs in your pants.

•Enough Protein? - Muscle building requires protein - the more, the better. Meat, especially red meats, poultry and fish are the best source. It is in your food that your body will draw nutrients from, for strength and repair. Get protein supplementation if you do not have enough protein from your meals.

•Creatine – Supplement with Creatine. Creatine makes your muscles tighter, fuller and gives you more strength in your lifts to lift heavier weights and thus forcing your muscles to grow bigger. For body building beginners, you will see your muscles grow much faster and more powerful with Creatine supplementation than without.

There are many more methods and ways to force your muscles to grow big and huge. Do your researches as you progress in your quest to build big muscles. As for body building beginners, stick to these principles and your muscles will grow for the next few months until you hit a plateau. By then, you are an intermediate bodybuilder with a well toned muscular body and you will need new training methods and supplementation to take you to another level

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Chris Chew is a fitness personal trainer of actors, models and male pageant winners.

More free tips on his sites Lose weight build muscles fast & Fitness Tips

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