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How to Make $5,000 per Month Online Using Only Email...

By:Jason and Skye Mangrum

Have you ever thought about a specific amount of money you *think* you need, to feel what it's like to experience success? ...

Go back and read that question again.

Most haven't, but chances are if you have, it's pretty close to $5,000 a month.

I recently ran a survey to a handful of my best customers, asking them how much money they'd have to make to call themselves successful in their online business...

Out of 113 surveyed, 42 responded with at or around $5,000 a month. 18 of the 42 specifically mentioned passive, or residual income in the amount of $5,000 per month.

Thirty-seven percent of those surveyed wanted $5,000 per month, while fifteen percent wanted it in residual income.

As you continue to read this article, you will learn about a rock solid, tried, tested and approved nine-step strategy for easily acquiring $5,000 per month online using only email...

1. Find an affiliate program that pays instantly, or at least twice a month.

2. Join the affiliate program and calculate your Dollar Value Commission divided by 5,000. This will give you the total number of sales you need to convert from your affiliate link each month. [Example: 5,000 / $33.50 = 150 sales per month]

3. Take your number of sales per month, and divide by four. This gives you the number of sales needed per week. [Example: 150 / 4 = 38 sales per week]

4. Take your sales per week and divide by seven. You now have the number of sales needed per day... [Example: 38 / 7 = 6 sales per day]

5. Now create your Simplified Target Statement:

"In order to acquire $5,000 per month, I am attracting 6 sales per day, 7 days per week -- this or something better!"

6. Print out this statement, take a red pen and circle it. Trace the circle a few times with the pen to "cement" the the idea firmly in your mind.

7. Tape it to your computer desk, or keep it somewhere near you. Preferably, you want to see it during the morning, afternoon and night if possible.

8. Go to MBPAdvertising and run a solo ad inside a publication. Keep a record of what publications pull sales, and keep buying ads in those ezines until your campaign becomes unprofitable.

9. Buy more ads from different sources. MyWizardAds and DirectoryOfEzines can both provide excellent resources for advertising in online publications.

Within one week of each campaign, find out which publications to keep advertising in, and which ones to drop by calculating the revenue minus advertising cost of each referred sale. For example, if Ezine A ran my ad and it received 34 sales generating $1,139 in commissions, and I paid $149 to run the ad, I made $990.00 in pure profit.

Obviously, I made more than I spent to acquire those customers, so my campaign is considered profitable. This is ALL that matters. If you're making more than you're spending to get customers, you're golden!

People often get caught up and frozen in details that really don't matter anyway.

All that matters is that you make more than you spend to acquire new customers.

Granted, some can afford to lose money on acquiring new customers because they have a well thought out follow up strategy to pick up the profit on the back end.

This may seem basic... and it is. But if you can apply 100% of your focus to a Simplified Target Statement without worrying about the details... you will reach your target and acquire the exact amount of income you're after.

Sure, there are many other things you could do to acquire just six new customers per day, with a commission of $33.50 per sale -- but you don't need it.

Stick to the basics. They're basic, because they are fundamental principles that work.

I can't tell you how long it'll take you to reach your $5,000 per month reward.

But this simple method can make earning that lifestyle closer than ever before.

Think about it. With a $67 product at 50% commission, you're just six sales per day away from a $5,000 per month experience that'll change your life.

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