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When and How to Send a Private Message on MySpace

By:Steve Iser

Friend networking is one of the greatest benefits of opening a free MySpace account. Not only can you add existing friends to your "Friends List", MySpace is a great way to make new friends, as well as reunite with friends from your past. To do so, it there comes a time when you'll have the desire to send a private message. The following paragraphs will discuss sending private messages on MySpace, as well as discuss how and when you might want to opt to send a private message to another MySpace member.

Sending a private message becomes necessary in many circumstances. Most often, it is necessary to send a private message when certain information is being exchanged. Types of information you may want to put in a private message as opposed to in a comment on a friend's profile include:

phone numbers
full names

This information, if you are going to take the chance and share it with someone, should be shared in private, through a private message. If you post that sort of information in the comment area of a friend's profile, it may be viewed by anyone. That is not always safe. Avoid public display of your personal information and serious safety risks by utilizing MySpace's "send a message" feature.

To send a private message to a MySpace friend, or even a potential friend, by first logging in to your own MySpace account. Once you are logged in, you need to visit the MySpace member's profile that you want to send a private message to. If they are already a friend, they should be listed on your home page, or when you click "show all friends".

When you get to the profile of the person you wish to send a private message, you need to locate their "Contact Table". This is most generally located directly under their profile picture, but with custom layouts, it can be located anywhere. On a standard MySpace profile, the contact box includes the following links:

Send Message
Add to Friends
Instant Message
Add to Group
Forward to a Friend
Add to Favorites
Block User
Rank User

To send the person a private message, of course you would choose "Send Message". However, on some custom layouts, the links will not be marked this way. To send a private message to someone with a custom layout, click the very top link on the left side of the list located in the contact box. This will always be the "Send Message Link", no matter how it's labeled.

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