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Stop Throwing Away Your Grocery Receipts!

By:John Arrington

From the desk of: John Arrington

Monday 4:08 pm

You can actually get paid real money for your Grocery receipts. Yes, it’s true. People like you and I are throwing money in the trash each time we trash our shopping receipts.

I was absolutely Amazed when I found out that I could get paid for doing what I did every day, every week, “SHOPPING”. And at the same time I was bothered to the core at the thought of how much money I have thrown away over the years. Just by trashing my shopping receipts.

This can be done anywhere in the world! All From this one web site!

What gets me the most is, People all over the world don’t know about this AMAZING Phenomenon. All they need is for someone to tell them about this AMAZING discovery. And this is my mission, spreading the news about this program. I’m talking about just keep every receipt you receive as you shop anywhere in the world.

It’s like Saving Money or Making Money. Just any old way you want to look at it. It’s Money in your pocket!

As prices for consumer goods continue to rise, and they always will! You and I can now get some relief from the burden put on us by rising cost. HOW?

We all where taught from child hood. Once we spent our money it was gone forever. Now that’s not all true!

As consumers we all can actually benefit from our shopping habits. HOW?

Start TODAY, and keep every receipt you get when you purchase gas, clothing, toys, school supplies, groceries, cleaning supplies, auto repairs, etc... Also keep your receipts for home repairs, when you buy over the counter medications, phone bills, cable TV, satellite, Internet service. And much, much more. Just keep all your receipts.

Never Trash A Receipt Again!

Now, my wife and I don’t feel so guilty when we spend a little extra money here and there. WHY? Because we know we are going to receive some of it back. If we just keep every receipt. It’s that simple.

To me this is the most AMAZING discovery I’ve ever found. It’s like I’ve found a treasure chest and no one else knows about it. I’m so tickled to have been so blessed to have found this AMAZING Secret called “Get Paid For Your Receipts”

Just think about the power of this discovery for a moment.

Everyone on the face of the planet shops. But not everyone knows they are throwing away money each time they trash their receipts. I know I didn’t at one time.

And the instructions are so simple to follow that anyone can do it. The more you do it the easier it gets.

The out come of this AMAZING technique keeps putting money back in your pocket month after month, year after year. I’m talking hundreds of dollars each month. It’s like being rewarded for doing what we all do best “SHOPPING”

My life dream has always been, not to have to worry about job security again.

This little technique, I have learned, has turned out to become a great Home Business for my wife and I. We get paid doing the two things we like to do the most, and that is:

1. Work from the comfort of our home.

2. Go Shopping.

It doesn’t get much better then this!

We just love it. We now have a little joke going around our home. It goes something like this: “My wife says to me, honey I’m going to the store to get groceries do you need anything. And I say to her no, but see how much money you can make while your shopping.”

But the truth is. This is not a joke. We actually get paid to shop, buy gas for our vehicles, clothing, groceries, toys for our grand children and so on. It just keeps getting better.

We now enjoy the Holidays!

We actually get a break when Christmas rolls around. How? Because we get paid money just for buying gifts for everyone on our list. We enjoy the holidays a lot more because the burden of spending money is lessened. And we get paid to shop!

We all know from history, that prices will never go back down. They will only continue to rise higher and higher. So my moto now is: “If you can’t beat em’, join em’.” Hey, it works for me!

We can either complain about rising prices, or do something about it!

Well, I can go on and on forever about this exciting discovery. But, now I will turn it over to you. Check it out for yourself. You decide, does it make sense to you. We know one thing is certain.

You and I will shop the rest of our lives! So why not get paid doing it?

For more information about this AMAZING program click

Copyright © 2006 & Beyond All Rights Reserved.

This article may be distributed freely on your website and in your ezines, as long as this entire article, copyright notice, links and the resource box are unchanged.

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John Arrington has been in the marketing business since 1995. John is dedicated to helping others to become successful with their business.
You may visit his website at:
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