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Choosing Your Futon Mattresses

By:Carl Walker

There are some factors that have to be considered when buying futon mattresses. For example, the weight of the mattress will determine the ease of reconfiguring the futon sofa into a bed. Secondly, the rigidity of the futon mattress will also govern how the mattress folds over the frame when it’s used as a couch or chair. Check out the rigidity rating before buying one. Thick futon mattresses of about 8 or 9 inches in thickness are ideal for regular use.

Futon mattresses need a lot of care than conventional ones. They should be turned every time the sheets are changed, and be aired out frequently to prevent quick wearing. Mattress pads should also be considered which protects the futon from moisture and dust. Vacuuming, scrubbing and washing with laundry detergent and water can really help keep your futon mattress in a good shape.

Here are some of the best Futon mattresses available on the market that you might want to consider when shopping:

Elite CR Comfy Premier 3000 Jr. Twin Ottoman Futon Mattress: The Comfy Premier 3000 has four layers of specially blended cotton, with a triple Foam core for extra resilience. It is also precision-tufted to keep the futon mattress contents from shifting, and has a fiber content of PolyCotton Blend, Polyester, Foam, and Cotton. The Comfy Premier 3000 costs around $40. There is also the Comfy Foam 1000 which features two layers of specially blended cotton with resilient Foam core. It’s also precision-tufted, and with the same fiber content.

Simmons Futon Mattress: Simmons is one of the largest futon manufacturers, which offers futon mattresses and frames in chair, full, Loveseat, and queen sizes. Their futon mattress products are characterized by the traditional Pocketed Coil system, layered cotton and foam construction.

Simmons Best Rest Genteel Futon Mattress is a No flip construction never requires turning, designed to bear the constant folding and unfolding, with individual pockets that contain the steel coils allow the unit to bend and fold, making a more resilient sleep surface. It also features the Simmons pocketed coil inner-spring topped with convoluted foam and cotton, and costs around $300.

Simmons Deep Sleep Elegance Futon Mattress is the popular mattress in the Simmons series. It features two layers of plush convoluted foam, four layers of half-inch foam, and two layers of our custom cotton-poly blend. The manufacturer suggests using it mostly for seating. It costs around $150.

Wolf futon Latex Plush: This futon mattress is constructed with 3 batts of Dura-Ease cotton, 2 batts of Polyester, 2 layers of 1" synthetic latex foam, 2 layers of 2 1/2" plush, convoluted finger foam for plush and 23 machine laced tufts. It is considered to be the softest and most plush mattress of all the Wolf Mattresses, which costs around $280.

Gemini Futon frame cushioning system: features Pressurized Construction, a twill fabric to hold the tuft in the mattress, convoluted 4 pound density foam, Tape Edge Closure to present a clean tailored look, and Compression Lace Tufting to compress, strengthen and control the overstuffed cushioning materials. The futon mattress is available for about $500.

Fu-Chest Futon Mattress: is designed to fit the Fu-Chest bed, featuring a seven-layer filling with a fire-retardant natural cotton/polyester duck cover. The medium-firm mattress is tufted to keep the futon mattress contents from shifting even after repeated folding. It is available in twin and full sizes, and costs around $140.

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Futons are stylish, functional, and versatile; they can be integrated into nearly any setting.

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