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Build Thick and Wide Back Muscle to Compliment powerful Chest Muscle

By:Chris Chew

Want Your Back Thick And Wide To Complement Your Powerful Chest Muscles?

I believe that most of you who are reading this article are already working out in gyms and have already build awesome muscles especially on your chest and arms. However, I do note one discrepancy is that whenever I visit the gyms, for some reasons or another, people seem concentrate on building massive chest muscles but neglect their back muscles. Perhaps it is the out of mind out of site syndrome. You can't see your back, so you do not develop it.

This neglect is dangerous because your if upper body muscle development is not balanced, it may lead to injuries and muscle tear not to talk about hitting a bodybuilder plateau. You will also look awkward because your body shape will not be symmetrical. Meaning, you are out of shape. I am sure you have seen these people and may have commented why they looked so odd.

So then, how to develop a great back which will also accentuate your V shape body to complement your powerful chest muscles?

Just include these 3 exercises into your back workout routine and lift them heavy. Yes. Heavy.

The dead lift - This move not only develop your lower body, it also target your entire back. It guarantees you fast overall explosive muscle mass gain.

Bent Over Barbell row - This exercise is best for thickening the upper and middle back area. It also adds density to your lower back muscles as well.

Chin Up - Do both versions. Palms facing you and palms facing out. This is best for developing your V shape upper body and an excellent bicep and tricep shaper too. Do the exercises slow and deliberate without swinging or using momentum to power your chin up. Pause for 2 seconds at the top and lower slowly. Real slooooooooow...... so that you are fighting gravity instead of letting gravity pull you down.

By incorporating these 3 excellent exercises into your back routine, you will see your upper body taking another different form in just weeks if you perform the exercises correctly. Remember to have enough sleep for your muscles to repair itself and grow big.

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Chris Chew is a personal trainer and count actors, doctors, pageant winners, models and other celebrities as his clients. He runs a fitness school at Personal Trainers and is the author of Lose Fat Build Muscles!

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