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The Seven Best Kept Secrets In Home Businesses

By:Jim Mack

Achievement. Accomplishment. Victory. Triumph. These are just few of the numerous synonyms of the word "success." Likewise, the word is usually associated with feelings of joy, pride, contentment, and gratitude.

Who doesn't want to be successful? Definitely not you and me! Of course, we all want to succeed in whatever endeavor we choose to get into. In fact, it is said that the very purpose of our existence in this world all boils down to this -- to ultimately achieve success in life, to enjoy life to the fullest.

Now, when we say success, we may be referring to various things. We may mean success in studies, success at work, success in the family, or success in business.

It is important to note, however, that success is not all about money. Although financial gain, which leads to living a comfortable life, is a significant component of a successful life, we should bear in mind that success is actually a personal thing.

Can you really achieve success in your life and your home business? The answer is a big, fat Y-E-S! Of course, you can! In fact, the two should go hand in hand. A successful home business, or financial success, can help you achieve personal success or enjoy a successful life. On the other hand, personal success can inspire and motivate you to be more productive and all the more increase the success rate of your home business.

But how can you do that? By discovering, understanding, and applying 7 best-kept success secrets to your daily living, in general, and to your business, in particular.

Are you now ready to spell S-U-C-C-E-S-S in your life and in your home business? Then read these powerful, best-kept secrets especially revealed to you!

*S - Self worth. Be aware of your self worth.

Know who and what you really are. Then strive to become the best of who and what you can be. As one character from the popular film, "The Matrix," put it: "Know thyself... To become who you are, know that you are."

Bill Gates, the world's richest man with a net worth of $46.5, knew that he wanted to work with computers the very minute he was introduced to one. At a very tender age of 13, he was already programming computers.

By discovering and accepting what your interests and skills are, you can decide which field you should get into. Then you can further develop your skills to achieve your goals, to ultimately achieve success in your life and in your home business.

Are you now aware of your self worth?

*U - Uniqueness. Know that you are a unique person.

You have your own special talents. Believe in yourself. Know your strengths and weaknesses. By knowing your strengths, you can enhance them and more effectively put them to productive use. By knowing your weaknesses, you can overcome them and eventually transform them into strengths.

Did you know that by merely listing down your unique talents, you can significantly improve your self worth? Be thankful of these unique talents and utilize them to help you achieve success in your home business and in your life.

How can your unique talents lead you to the peak of success?

*C - Commitment. Make a commitment to yourself and your goals, as well as to others.

If you have commitment, everything else will follow. Being a "committed person," you will work really hard to fulfill your responsibilities. You will be accountable for your own actions.

Be consistent. You cannot achieve success overnight. Commit yourself to do whatever needs to be done -- on a consistent basis. Be patient and persevering as you encounter different obstacles along the way. Do not hesitate to take an extra step or two to reach your goal and ultimately achieve success in your home business and in your life.

Are you committed to your goal of making your business grow and achieving success in your life?

*C - Creativity. Be creative enough to see what not everyone can see.

See an opportunity in every situation. Better yet, create the opportunity yourself. Do not just see the extraordinary out of the ordinary; turn the ordinary into an extraordinary.

Have a vivid imagination. Remember that all the great inventions came from that -- a creative, imaginative mind.

By thinking vividly, you will distinguish the differences, and succeed! Remember that the great men who achieved success in their lives made decisions because they saw differences and not similarities.

How can your creativity help boost your business and aid you in attaining success?

*E - Education. Use your education in making your business grow and in eventually achieving success.

I'm not saying that you necessarily have to possess a college degree. In fact, many of the richest people in the world (Bill Gates included!) are college dropouts and some didn't even step into a university or college.

However, to be successful in your chosen business, you must have some form of education. Educate yourself on your chosen field. You cannot succeed in any business endeavor if you know absolutely nothing about it, right?

You will need to know many things about your business. You can take advantage of the modern age and opt to study via online courses or home-based courses. Just make sure you are equipped with all the necessary information about your business venture.

You should also have an open mind and be willing to learn new things everyday. In this fast-paced world, things are always changing and you must always catch up with the latest concepts that will help you run your business and your life more smoothly and effectively.

"E" also stands for enthusiasm. If you do not enjoy what you do, you will have a bigger chance of failing. On the other hand, if you have passion for your business, you will do anything and everything to make it successful. As Albert Schweitzer (German medical missionary, theologian, musician, and philosopher) so aptly put it: "Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful."

Do you wake up each morning and find yourself enthusiastic to work for your business? Do you see each experience as an opportunity for learning?

*S - Sweat. Be prepared to work really, really hard.

There is really truth in the saying, "Success is sweet, but its secret is sweat."

You cannot expect to succeed in your home business and in your life if you refuse to lift a finger. No successful person has reached his stature by lazing around. Even the genius Thomas Alva Edison had to go through thousands (yes, thousands!) of trial-and-error experiments before he succeeded in inventing the electric light bulb.

Furthermore, you should practice self-discipline especially because you are practically your own boss and you hold your time in your hands. Make sure you get things done as quickly and efficiently as possible and not resort to procrastination and cramming.

"S" can also stand for sharing. You do not achieve success on your own. You need the help of other people as much as they also need yours. Socialize with people who can motivate you to move even closer to success. Share with them whatever useful tips you can. Remember that just as you have given, so shall it be given to you.

Are you taking enough action and, together with other people, diligently moving towards your destination?

*S - Secret. Make your own secret!

This is the ultimate challenge in your quest to achieve success in your life and in your home business. Be able to formulate your own "success secret" and, in time, reveal it to others who also wish to find true success in life!

Take action and move towards success. Make the most out of your self worth, unique talents, creativity, and education. With enthusiasm, make a commitment to yourself as well as to other people. Then work really hard, learn from your experiences, devise a "success secret," and share this with others. Then you will see that the secret of success actually lies inside you!

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Jim Mack is the leading authority in teaching actual methods - proven, practical strategies that work. In fact, Jim truly lives the principles he teaches and is the epitome of leading by example. See him at and

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