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Method of Incorporation. Four Ways To Go Forward

By:Ramapati Singhania

Incorporation of a company is a legal process by virtue of which a corporation or a company is formed. An incorporated entity is called a 'corporation' in some parts of the world and a 'company' in others.

When all the requirements related to the formation of a company for the jurisdiction in which it is being incorporated, are fulfilled, the regulatory authorities issue a birth certificate to the company which is conclusive proof of the fact, that all requirements of law regarding the incorporation of the business, have been duly complied with.

This birth certificate is formally known as a 'certificate of incorporation'. An incorporated entity which is also known as a company or corporation is recognized by law as a separate legal entity from its owners. A new artificial juridical 'person' is born with the formation of a company.

As the company is an artificial juridical person it can sue anybody and can be sued by anybody in its own name. A company or a corporation has perpetual succession and can have both limited and unlimited liability for its owners. The owners of a company or a corporation are called shareholders.

If you are planning to incorporate your business, you should consider the best method of incorporation available in the jurisdiction in which you are incorporating your business.

Are you thinking: What impact can a method of incorporation have on the formation of my company? The answer is simple. Method of incorporation is the path which leads toward the incorporation of your company, if you choose the right method of incorporation that is the right path toward incorporating your business the process of incorporation of your business will be completed smoothly and quickly.

There are various methods of incorporation available in every country, state or jurisdiction. But one has to select the appropriate method of incorporation for incorporating his (or her) business.

Some of the methods of incorporation are briefly highlighted below:

1. Incorporation firms:

For facilitating the task of incorporation of your business various incorporation firms have provided services for decades. Some of these firms cater to the needs of clients throughout the world while others specialize in specific jurisdictions. You can get invaluable advice from a couple of firms before deciding on the path forward.

2. Lawyers:

Experienced lawyers can be a very useful resource for getting information, legal aid and help regarding incorporation of your business. They not only guide you in the process of incorporation, and carry out the requisite procedures, but they can also help you in pointing out which type of company will be suited to your particular specifications, and whether going offshore will be beneficial or not.

3. Books:

Tons of written matter guiding novices as well as professionals on the subject of business incorporation resources are available. You can go to your nearest bookstore and grab a copy of do it yourself manuals and company formation guides to help you out. Make sure that the book you are buying is current with the laws and addresses all recent amendments in the relevant company laws governing companies in your area or jurisdiction.

4. Websites:

Many websites give free details about incorporation of companies in different regions and jurisdictions. Some even offer free legal advice. You can also hire trustworthy offshore incorporation from the net. There are various web pages available on the internet for the Seychelles tax zero company, or the BVI offshore registration company, or the offshore company administration Mauritius.

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Ramapati Singhania specializes in creating and managing web businesses. His latest website focuses on helping you to incorporate offshore companies in Seychelles, Mauritius and BVI. You can also visit his blog,

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