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Corporation Attorney: Expensive but Extremely Helpful

By:Ramapati Singhania

A corporation is a legal entity created according to the Company or Corporate Laws prevailing in the jurisdiction in which the corporation is being incorporated. In many countries, individual states or provinces or emirates [as in the case of United Arab Emirates], have the power to promulgate laws governing the formation and business activity of the corporations in that area.

Articles of incorporation are required to be filed with the relevant authorities and this document provides the details regarding the internal conduct of the business and its internal affairs. Articles of incorporation in the formation of the business mean a legal document that establishes the structure and purpose of a corporation and is the basic document for incorporating your corporation or company. They also set the scope of the business and the activities the business will undertake.

These Articles of incorporation are filled out and submitted to the concerned regulatory authority in the territory in which you are incorporating your business. Once your corporation attorney submits your incorporation application and the company is formed you will receive a certificate of incorporation.

Since the incorporation of a corporation is a legal process involving various stages, legal requirements are to be complied with and documents are needed to be filed. Many businessmen around the world do not have the technical expertise, knowledge, time or the inclination to perform this task. Or to do a registration offshore company either.

This is where the corporation attorney steps in. There are several resources for incorporation, and individuals throughout the world who have specialized in the task of incorporating companies. These individuals who take up the work of incorporating your business are called corporation attorney. These entities and individuals are professionally trained and authorized to provide business incorporation information, advice and services.

The corporation attorney can advise you about your proposed business. He can guide you as to which type of corporation suits your needs and in many cases he or she can help you with the best jurisdiction for your business, including offshore locations.

If you are planning to set up offshore company, an experienced person can advise you about the best offshore location suited to you, your business and the specific needs of your business. The corporate attorney will not only advise you about the formation of your company but he can also complete all relevant documentation and can provide the services of filing the documentation with the appropriate regulatory agency on your behalf thus cutting your work and making the process of incorporation of your business easy and smooth. For a fee of course.

In this age of technology, communications have become easier than ever before. The Internet solves many problems faced by businessmen on a daily basis. Finding a competent corporation attorney has also been made easy by the Internet.

Many web sites are available where you can key in your location and requirement and you can get an attorney of your choice. Beware though! Sometimes the fees will surprise you, so know it before you start the process. But often the work will be worth it.

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Ramapati Singhania specializes in creating and managing web businesses. His latest website focuses on helping you to incorporate offshore companies in Seychelles, Mauritius and BVI. You can also visit his blog,

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