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Use Articles to Advertise your Website

By:Martin Kleis

Many businesses know the significance of writing good quality content articles as a further way to advertise their business. The topic of your articles should relate to your industry and they should be informative and interesting.

There are numerous article websites that you can submit your articles for publishing and more are appearing online every day. This additional opportunity to promote your business can ultimately assist your position in search engine rankings through link popularity.

The articles you write will have your signature box at the end of it, which is where you will put your website link. Its highly probable that your articles will stay published on those websites for a long period, which could help with the page rank of your own website.

This is an additional and very welcome benefit of submitting your articles.

As long as you can provide good content that will keep the interest of the reader, you will find that producing articles on a regular basis is not that difficult. The required length of these articles in terms of words will vary from site to site but you will be surprised how quickly the words add up!

You will come across an abundance of article websites by performing a search on any of the major search engines. Many have numerous different topic areas that you can submit your article to. You must check the rules and guidelines of each article site to ensure you are following their specific procedures for article submission.

When the pages on the article publisher's website have been indexed by the major search engines, the link from your article back to your own website will be factored into your websites link popularity algorithm.

Furthermore, the higher the page rank that the publisher's website is given by the search engines, the more important this back link will be considered for your own websites importance.

Promoting your website by means of articles has to benefit both the author of the article and the publisher. The article must be well researched, appropriate and understandable. Ensure that you thoroughly check the article for spelling and grammar prior to submission.

What you should avoid at all costs - is to turn your article into one long sales pitch. This should not be your aim at all; you will completely alienate the reader and consequently waste your own time writing the article. Its highly unlikely that they will want to click on the link to your website after reading. A link to your website at the end of the article should suffice.

By creating as many good quality articles that you possibly can and submitting them to several article websites, then the more exposure you will gain. In addition, you will receive plenty of links back to your site which will also boost your websites reputation.

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