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1). Learn How to Cut Ceramic Tile
Ceramic tiles can be used throughout the house to add an extra element of design to any room. You can put ceramic tiles behind the stove to add a decorative accent to the kitchen. You can put them in various places in the bathroom and other places throughout the house. In order to install the ceramic tile yourself, you need to learn essential skills.

2). How to Paint Laminate Countertops - 4 Easy Steps
We are often asked how to paint an existing laminate countertop, and if it is even possible. Yes, you can paint countertops, but you need to prepare the countertop surface carefully beforehand with special primer. Here’s how.

(1) Wash the countertop with some ammonia-based cleaner or some warm ammonia diluted with water. Get it as clean as possible, removing all dirt and grime.

3). Basement Dehumidifier Basics
When constructed properly and with the appropriate air conditioning and ventilation, a basement should be dry. But many basements are particularly prone to dampness because of their poor design and ventilation. Dampness like this is a perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew, especially in basements where old books, magazines, clothing and suitcases are stored.

4). Gardening Tips for Avoiding Fungal Diseases
Summertime is a time of great joy for the gardening enthusiast. He gets to gaze on his garden in it’s full glory and show off the fruits of her efforts. Unfortunately, it is no time to rest on your laurels, as it were, because this is one of the times of year that funguses can take hold and destroy your plants. These type of plant diseases thrive on moisture and humidity, so they can quickly get out of hand.

5). How to Insulate a Basement With Safety in Mind
Learning how to insulate a basement properly not only saves money on energy bills, but also provides a welcome degree of comfort in that area of your home. But learning how to insulate a basement safely leaves some of us in the dark. Here are some tips on how to do so.

One important lesson in learning how to insulate a basement should be to always wear safety goggles, a dust mask, and protective clothing.

6). Vinyl Kitchen Flooring: Why you Should Install Vinyl Floors in your Kitchen
Vinyl kitchen flooring is a very popular choice by homeowners. Vinyl kitchen flooring offers many benefits to the homeowner who has children, pets, or lives an active lifestyle. These floors are very durables, scratch and dent resistant. In fact Vinyl kitchen flooring is the best choice for many homeowners due to the fact of its extreme durability and strength.

7). Landscaping Tips: 6 Basic Steps To Building A Garden Pond
Building a garden pond is not just a matter of digging a hole, lining it with plastic and filling it with water. There are other considerations such as whether it should contain fish or just plants; how big or small it should be; its shape, and so on. Be prepared to dig a decent hole and spend many hours complaining about your aching back … but you’ll be very pleased with the results and you can happily stand around, beer in hand, praising your efforts after the fact.

8). Soapstone Countertops – Decidedly Magnificent
Soapstone countertops may be just the thing you’re looking for in a decorator’s dream of a kitchen! Not only do these type countertops look wonderful, they’re also one of the most durable and maintenance-free countertops you can choose. Read on to find out more about soapstone countertops and what makes them so wonderfully appealing.

The mineral used to make soapstone countertops, steatite, comes from metamorphic rock.

9). Slate Roof Tiles
Slate roofing tile is a wonderful look for any home. Slate is natural stone, and it is one of the best roofing tile mediums available. The look of Slate roofing tile is exceptional and some of the most famous houses in America are adorned with Slate roofing tile. Many historical homes have Slate roofing tiles, and this makes it even more alluring to homeowners.

10). Ceramic Mural Tile: Take A Closer Look
From its beginnings in 13th century Morocco, ceramic mural tile has been a staple in American design and décor. Although ceramic tile making was a craft known to the Egyptian, Chinese, and Babylonian ancients, the methods of its creation that we employ today stem directly from those early Moroccan artisans of ceramic mural tile.

Although ceramic mural tile goes through phases of popularity, its appeal reached an apex during the Arts & Crafts movement, which endured until the 1920s.

11). How to Hide Wood Paneling
You detest the old paneling in your home, and it’s to expensive to replace it, but you can’t stand living with it any longer. In fact it’s so bad that it depresses you, and you’ve actually thought about selling the house just to get away from it. Don’t despair you’re not alone with that ugly wood paneling; there are a million others that live with it too.

12). Safe Drinking Water in an Emergency or Disaster
Nothing makes clearer the importance of water than a large disaster; clean, fresh water becomes more valuable than gold. It’s easy to forget that without water, we just can’t survive. 60 percent of our bodies are water, in fact for infants, water makes up about 80 percent of their body, so it is even more vital they have access to clean drinking water.

13). Wallpaper Mural Tricks: How to Choose and Install
You can personalize any interior space and make it your own with custom wallpaper murals. There are many companies that specialize in this unique service. They will let you send in any photograph, artwork, illustration, or anything you can imagine, and make it into a wallpaper mural just for you. Slides, digital photos, high-resolution computer graphics files, original paintings or drawings, all work great.

14). Landscaping Tips: Concrete Pond Construction
Good concrete pond construction means not taking shortcuts. Improper methods can lead to more money spent on maintenance, repairs, or replacement than on the cost of the initial construction. Since good concrete pond construction equates to having one that lasts a lifetime or longer, follow these rules of thumb to get it right – the first time!

Keep in mind that for suitable concrete pond construction, you need to pour the concrete to a thickness of four to six inches.

15). Discontinued Tile: Remodeling with Discontinued Ceramic Tile
Using discontinued ceramic tile is a wonderful way to remodel your home while saving a great deal of money. Most businesses will sell discontinued ceramic tile at a great discount and this offers many benefits to the consumer. You can use the tile to remodel your floors, or tile a wall, just make sure that the discontinued ceramic tile is strong enough to handle the use you’ve purposed for it.

16). Drafty House? Six Home Energy Saving Tips
Want to put more money in your pocket? You can up to 10% or more on your energy bill by eliminating as many the air leaks in your home as possible. During the summer warm air leaks into your home and during the winter leaks out of your home, wasting a good portion of your energy dollars. One of the fastest and highest payback dollar-saving jobs you can do around the house is to caulk, seal, and weather-strip all seams, cracks, and openings to the outside air.

17). The Best Way to Clean a Granite Countertop - Inexpensively!
Figuring out the best way to clean a granite countertop that you’ve sunk a great deal of money into can keep one up nights! Well, put your mind at rest. We know exactly what you need to do to keep that investment in peak condition – without costing you an arm and a leg! So read on to learn the best way to clean a granite countertop.

Despite the seemingly.

18). Basement Moisture Sealing: Top Four Steps to Sealing Basements
Basements can let in water, especially during heavy rains. Sealing basements from excess moisture is a great way to add an extra layer of protection against the elements. Problems resulting from water leaks and moisture damage can result in thousands of dollars worth of damage. Here are some tips that will help you seal your basement properly.

1- Moisture can enter your basement in a variety of different ways.

19). Why You Should Consider Staining Your Concrete Floor
Acid staining can make a common concrete floor into look like expensive natural stone flooring. Not only is it a fraction of the price, but for people allergic to carpeting materials it’s a godsend. Another great application is in houses with radiant floor heating. Radiant heating is at its most efficient when insulating floor coverings like tile or carpet are minimized.

20). New Central Air Conditioning Units Can Save Energy
As many as eighty percent of the new homes being built in the U.S. are built with central air conditioning units installed. Central air just makes sense, as it keeps the indoor temperatures comfortable while filtering and dehumidifying the air. This is particularly nice for people who suffer from allergies or asthma. Fortunately, central air conditioning units can be installed in preexisting homes, too.

21). Basement Bedroom Ideas to Fit Any Budget
Those with expanding families or who are looking to increase the overall value of their home often begin looking into a variety of basement bedroom ideas. The basement can be an excellent space for expansion and is generally less expensive to remodel than adding on to a home. Fortunately, great basement bedroom ideas are easy to come by and to create with just a little creativity and careful planning.

22). Ceramic Tile Underlayments - The Basics
Ceramic tile material is rigid and relatively brittle, so a sturdy base is the most critical part of installing this type of tile. Unless you want to see cracked tiles, loose tiles, or loose grout, you need to select the proper underlayment. Underlayment being what the construction trade calls the layer that goes between your wood subfloor and your tiles.

23). Get Your Act Together With Kitchen Drawer Organizers
Kitchen drawer organizers save more than time – they can also save your sanity! Have you ever had one of those moments when you know you just bought a great kitchen gadget the other day, but can’t find it now to save your life? Well, that’s the great thing about kitchen drawer organizers. If you’d had one or two (or more for those of us chronically.

24). Spring Cleaning Tips: Garage Flooring Ideas
Many people fail to realize the number of garage flooring ideas available. In fact, most people mistakenly believe the only possibility for covering the bottom of their garage is plain concrete. This simply is not true. In reality, there are a wide variety of garage flooring ideas available to meet anyone’s needs.

Epoxy and Painting Garage Flooring Ideas

Even if you do want to keep your garage floor plain concrete, it is a good idea to cover it with an epoxy coat.

25). Kitchen Decorating: Kitchen Window Treatment Ideas
There is a vast selection of kitchen window treatments out there for you to choose from and all you have to do is pick one. Easier said than done though, no? It is the huge selection that makes it so hard to pick only one! If only we had more than one kitchen! The trick to choosing the best kitchen window treatments is to think outside the box. There is no reason to stick yourself with the conventional and plain window treatments, go wild and try something new, you might just like it.

26). Car Performance: 5 Weight Savings tips for Performance and Fuel Efficiency
In the air travel industry, airlines live and die by their operating costs, a large component of which is their fuel costs. That is why aircraft manufacturers have whole departments whose purpose in life is to track and reduce the weight of the airplanes, ounce by ounce and gram by gram. Auto performance enthusiasts can take a tip from aerospace engineers- by instituting a weight reduction program, you can get dramatic performance and power increases and save gas.

27). Kitchen Renovation Tips: Why Update your Countertops?
Graceful and chic are the words that you will hear when you ask any home renovators what kind of look they want for the kitchen. Surfaces, including countertops, influence to a large degree the look of a kitchen. That is why chic graceful looking countertops are in demand. There are actually many home renovators who are designing and making their own countertops.

28). Home Remodeling: A Few Favorite Kitchen Renovation Ideas
Kitchen renovation ideas range all the way from simply replacing hardware on cabinets to a total remodel of this entire cooking and dining area. Here are some thoughts on a few things people dream about making happen in this room, the favorite gathering spot of many.

Installing a multi-purpose island may be at the top of your list of kitchen renovation ideas.

29). Flooring Tips: Top 10 Care Instructions For Real Hardwood Flooring
Did you know that real hardwood flooring can add significant value to your home? This is not only because it is a high quality flooring material, but also because of its timeless charm and ability to suit most décor. Now, if you’re going to invest in the considerable cost of installing real hardwood flooring, you should be prepared to protect your investment by putting in place some ground rules and also make a few adjustments to ensure that your pride and joy remains in beautiful condition for a long time to come.

30). Bathroom Remodeling: Five Things to Keep in Mind
Remember the Cosby Show? One of the running jokes in the Huxtable household was the fights over the use of the bathroom. (I may be dating myself here, but anyway…) Well, it’s pretty close to real life, which was why the show was so funny. After all, the bathroom is probably the smallest room in the house, unless you count closets, but everyone uses it daily for many things.

31). Garden Composting Tips- The Art of Composting
Even a composting neophyte can create top-notch compost with the right recipe. Akin to cooking, composting is half art, and half science. Awareness of these basic factors will help you getting started. Just like a chef demands high quality ingredients, successful composting needs the best ingredients too. Good materials for composting include these: grass clippings, leaves, plant stalks, hedge trimmings, old potting soil, twigs, vegetable scraps, coffee filters, and tea bags.

32). 6 Tips to Stop Mold Growing in Your Home
It is normal to find mold spores in a homes indoor air and surfaces such as clothes, walls, and furniture. Most of the time mold spores found indoors are from outside sources. Regular housekeeping cleaning helps keep mold levels low. Cleaning small areas of visible mold, like the mold around your shower, is obligatory to maintain sanitary conditions.

33). Insurance In The Form Of A Swimming Pool Safety Fence
Have you installed a swimming pool safety fence or are you going to employ full time lifeguards to supervise your children in the pool this summer? Think of how many kids converge on your home when the weather heats up and how easy it is to court danger and consider the level of peace of mind you want for yourself and your family. A swimming pool safety fence is the only answer.

34). Landscaping Tips- the Water Garden
There are a lot of new trends surfacing in gardening, and water gardening is one of the new interests. Water gardening can include waterfalls, ponds, streams and fountains, all of which can be combined with lighting, plants, and fish. Water gardening need not have a pond or natural water source moreover, it could be a plastic tub, plastic lined shallow in the back yard or, almost anything that will hold water.

35). Ceramic Tile Flooring- The Healthy House Choice
Believe it or not, carpeting is one of the biggest contributors to indoor air pollution.
One of the commonest health problems in a house is allergies, and carpets are practically a perfect environment for dust mites, molds and mildew.

Not only that, but the modern wall-to wall carpeting in today’s houses are made of synthetic fibers dyed and treated with chemicals (fungicides, soil repellants and pesticides, anyone?) and bonded to synthetic backing with chemical glues.

36). Four Critical Tips for Cleaning Up after a Flood Strikes
The value of knowing how to respond to an emergency has never been so clear, with one of the worst hurricane seasons ever behind us. Educating yourself on what to do in a flood, therefore, is one of the key disaster preparedness issues. Here are some valuable tips homeowners should be aware of when cleaning up damage left behind by a flood.

Don’t Go Near the Water: Floodwaters can be some of the most contaminated water you will ever come in contact with.



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