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1). 21 Full Grown Elephants? That’s A Lot Of Books.
The year 2005 saw 172,000 new books released in the United States, according to Bowker, the world’s leading provider of bibliographic information. The number of new titles dropped about 10% from the record high of 195,000 in 2004, but 172,000 titles is still quite a few books.

Dee Power, the co-author with Brian Hill, of "The Making of a Bestseller," puts this number into perspective.

2). Are Readers Important To Authors?
Bestselling authors speak of their fans in almost reverential tones, as well they should. A loyal readership that comes back for more, book after book, is the real key to long-term publishing success. Savvy authors work diligently to produce great work that will continue to please their audience, but many of them also communicate directly to their fans.

3). Boost Your Business: Publish A Book
Entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for ways to boost their business. One of those ways is to become an author. A book doesn’t have to be 100,000 words and hundreds of pages long. An e-book can be as short as 50 pages, just make sure it’s packed with solid, useable information.

How a book can boost your business

A book immediately establishes the creditability of the author in their field.

4). Cheap Wedding Flowers That Look Like You Spent a Fortune
Flowers at your ceremony and your reception are an integral part of a beautiful wedding, but they can cost thousands of dollars. Your cheap wedding flowers can look fabulous.

5). Create Funny Footprint Ghosts for Halloween
If you love arts and crafts, Halloween is the holiday for you. There are thousands of craft projects suitable for every age group.

6). Diamonds Come in Colors. Fancy Diamonds in Your Wedding Ring
Think of diamonds and you think of breathtakingly clear stones, clear as water, pure as ice. But diamonds do come in colors, over 300 different colors in diamonds have been found in nature so far. Should you consider a fancy diamond for your wedding ring?

7). Do Credit Scores Really Make a Difference - 3 Tips to Improve That Score
If you have ever wondered if your credit score makes a difference, in day to day credit situations, the answer is a resounding... yes. In fact, the lower your credit score the harder it will be for you to obtain any type of credit. However, it is not impossible as long as you are willing to pay the price.

8). Double Your Living Space With Outdoor Garden Rooms
Garden Rooms are an extension of your living room; and of course dining room, bedroom, and family room. A small house can seem to have doubled in space when the backyard, side yards and front yard are divided into livable areas each with a specific purpose.

9). Easy Christmas Crafts: From Cookies to Candles
Getting into the holiday spirit is possible anytime of the year. It is never too early to start making Christmas crafts.

10). Fourth of July Party Ideas - Mini Meals Make Mealtime Fun For Kids
For adults portions that are bigger are better but kids like the little stuff. Mini meals are fun and tasty. Try these ideas at your Fourth of July Party.

11). Get a Book Published? The Road to Publication Might be Getting a Little Rougher
Is it getting easier or more difficult for an unpublished writer to get their first book commercially published? We asked nearly 60 literary agents about the outlook for the next generation of authors. Their comments are in quotes.

12). Ghoulish Party Food for Kids at Halloween
Halloween is a very festive time for kids, especially when it comes to party foods. There are literally 100's of recipes that are suitable for the occasion.

13). Here's Why Angel Investors Say No to Entrepreneurs
Angels, or private investors, invest more money in more companies at an earlier stage than venture capitalists. They are the lifeblood for seed and start-up businesses. Why do they say no?

14). Hidden Credit Card Fees: Where to Find Them
If you have above average credit, you probably have at least one no fee credit card. Credit card companies reward individuals, who have good credit, with this type of card. Should you be appreciative? In a word ... no.

15). How Are Pearls Valued?
Looking to purchase a pearl necklace? The value of cultured pearls is based on five factors.

16). How Do Investors Value Start-up companies?
Entrepreneurs and investors, both venture capitalists and angel (private) investors have very different perspectives when it comes to determining the value of an early stage company.

17). How Much Money Does Your Business Need?
As much as I can get! This would be the answer readily shouted out by most entrepreneurs. The fact is though, both over and underestimating the amount of capital needed to fund a business can have serious negative consequences.

Underestimating what you need can cause problems ranging from having to go through the whole time consuming fund raising process again, to having to shut down the company because funds have run dry.

18). How Outsourcing Can Benefit Your Business
Many early-stage or smaller companies cannot afford to hire fulltime staff for every business function: finance, marketing, technology, production, etc. Or they may not be able to afford the very best individuals right now.

19). How to Grill With Marinades - Tips on Grilling
Marinating meat before grilling helps tenderize it and adds wonderful flavor.

20). How to Write a Business Plan Tips You Need To Know When You Write a Business Plan
A business plan is in essence a creative writing project. You want the business plan to be an interesting read, not a long boring discussion.

21). Investors, or a Small Business Loan: How Do You Know What Type of Capital is Best for Your Business?
Does your business need money? Should you get a loan, find an investor? How do you know which is right for your company?

22). Loans for Small Businesses: Five Tips on How to Get Loans for Small Businesses
Every business needs cash and loans for small businesses can be one of the ways to get that cash. Here are a five tips to make the process a little easier and less painful.

23). Looking For An Angel -- Investor That Is: Know What You're Looking For
Entrepreneurs always need additional capital for their company. Friends and family have already contributed, the company doesn't qualify for traditional bank loans, and venture capitalists aren't interested. So what can an entrepreneur do? Look for an angel investor.

24). Make Money Online: Unlock Profits with Keywords
High demand and low competition equals profits from your website. But how do you find the key, as in keywords, to unlock those profits and make money online?

25). Management is the Key to a Successful Start-up Business
A key element to entrepreneurial success is choosing the right people to be part of your management team.

26). Money for Start Ups: How Much Money Do You Need For Your Business?
Determining how much money you need for your start up business can be critical.

27). Online Marketing or Marketing Online? That is the Question
Online Marketing is simply using the Internet as a marketing tool to sell products and services. Commercial websites began to proliferate around 1996 - 1997 and were used by most companies as an online brochure.

28). Outsourcing: The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Outsourcing
Outsourcing occurs when a business secures (purchases) products and/or services from a third party, as opposed to producing them in-house. There are several advantages and disadvantages to outsourcing.

29). Pearls Before Swine: Where Do Pearls Come From
Pearls, beautiful, lustrous, glowing pearls. And to think it all started with a grain of sand.

30). Quick Weight Loss: 5 Tips to Lose Weight Quickly
Only have another ten pounds to lose? Here are 5 tips for quick weight loss.

31). Seven Critical Mistakes You Don't Want To Make In Your Business Plan
If you're looking for investors, you need a business plan and not just any business plan. You need one that is well crafted, concise and exciting.

32). Shopping at Christmas Saves Money On Your Wedding
Christmas is a great time to buy decorations for your wedding, even if it takes place in March, or any other month for that matter.

33). Small Business Loans - How Big Should Your Small Business Loan Be?
As big as I can get, would be the answer from most small businesses and entrepreneurs. But applying for not enough of a small business loan, or getting too much of a small business loan , can have serious negative consequences.

34). Start up Funding: Tips to Get Your Business Going
Start up funding is critical to the success of any business. While some companies can be started on a shoestring budget, most require some investment by the owners. There are several kinds of start up funding available.

35). Tips for Internet Marketers to Improve Work Productivity
One of the biggest things keeping internet marketers from getting things done is the internet itself. The internet is, without a doubt, a game changing tool that allows us to communicate instantly with people all over the world and access nearly limitless amounts of information.

36). Tips for Internet Marketers to Improve Work Productivity
One of the biggest things keeping internet marketers from getting things done is the internet itself. The internet is, without a doubt, a game changing tool that allows us to communicate instantly with people all over the world and access nearly limitless amounts of information.

37). Tips on How to Attract Venture Capital
Anytime is a challenge for entrepreneurs looking for venture capital but now even more so. Competition is fierce and the jousting for the prize of venture capital funds bloodier.

38). What Should Be Included In A Nonfiction Book Proposal
A great nonfiction book proposal is the key to convincing an acquisition editor you deserve a substantial advance and getting your book published.

What should be included in a book proposal?


A brief, no more than one page description about why your book is unique.

Who will buy your book and why. Include the demographics of your potential readers and how many of them there are.

39). When Making Party Food For Boys - Make Lots of It
When it comes to party food, most boys aren't hard to please. They are usually more than eager to eat whatever is presented to them.

40). When You're Planning Your Kid's Party Food Use the Party's Theme as a Guideline
When planning a party for your child, birthday or otherwise, you can make it much more interesting and fun by serving food that matches the overall theme. With a bit of recipe research, the task is probably easier than you think.

41). Why Insurance is Important for Your Business
Most business owners work incredibly long hours to build value in their company. And many times they have to make significant sacrifices in order to become successful. But just as growing wealth is important, so is protecting it. Insurance is one tool for protecting what you have worked so hard to build.

42). Why Tenant Screening Reports are Important
Investing in real estate can be a profitable way to increase your wealth in two ways. The first is simply the gain on the property when you sell it.

43). Why Your Company Needs An Accountant
A key element to entrepreneurial success is choosing the right people to be part of your management team. In fact, angel investors and venture capitalists both view strength of the management team as the major determining factor in whether they are willing to make an investment in the company.



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