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Dennis Watson Profile and Articles

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1). Bathroom Remodeling - You Can Do That
Copyright 2006 Dennis Watson

After purchasing an investment home it became clear that we needed to remodel the bathroom. We wanted to change the layout which included relocating the plumbing and fixtures. We plan on living in this house until we sell it so we wanted to feel comfortable while conducting our daily personal hygiene plus remodeling the bathroom makes good financial sense for when we go to sell the property later.

2). How to Install Kitchen Cabinets - You Can Do That
Copyright 2006 Dennis Watson

Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house. Not only do you rely on it to cook, you do most of your socializing and entertaining in there as well. And one of the first things people notice about a nice kitchen is the cabinets. Not only is it important to have cabinets that are functional and that provide adequate space, they tend to be compared to as a nice peace of furniture.

3). Jazz Up Your Basement Ceiling - You Can Do That
Copyright 2006 Dennis Watson

I helped a friend of mine finish his basement but he was not sure what type of ceiling he wanted to put in. There are several options like traditional drywall, tongue and groove boards, acoustic ceiling tiles and drop ceiling, so we analyzed each option.

A drywall ceiling required that we relocate most pipes and ducts into the joist cavities, or out to the perimeter of the room.

4). Waterproofing Foundations - You Can Do That
Copyright 2006 Dennis Watson

If your basement smells musty it's because of water seeping through the concrete which causes mold and mildew. Once mold spores settle in your basement all it needs is moisture to begin growing and digesting whatever it is growing on. The majority of common molds are not a concern to someone who is healthy. If you have allergies or asthma, molds can cause skin rash, eye irritation, cough, running nose, congestion, and aggravation of your asthma.

5). How To Replace Front Wheel Bearings - You Can Do That
Copyright 2006 Dennis Watson

Recently the right front wheel bearing went bad on my 2002 Mazda 626. Apparently my oldest daughter hit a large pot hole bending the wheel and damaging the wheel bearing. I noticed a slight hum in the front end with a slight shutter as well, I thought that the tires needed to be balances and rotated, so I took it into the shop to be checked out.

6). How to Change Your Engine Oil - You Can Do That
Copyright 2006 Dennis Watson

Who changes their own oil anymore? Not me but thought it was a good idea to teach my teenage daughter how to in case she wanted to save some money by doing it herself. To help her out I wrote out step-by-step instructions on how to go about it, you may find that these simple to follow steps can help you as well. Below are the exact list of steps she followed to actually change her car's oil.

7). Exterior Painting - You Can Do That
Copyright 2006 Dennis Watson

Don't under estimate your ability, grab a paint brush this summer and get out there and paint your house. Over the years I've been tempted to pay someone to do the job but after getting their estimate I decided real quick to do it myself.

If you have vinyl siding painting the windows, trim and doors will give you a chance to be creative.

8). How to Make French Toast - You Can Do That
Copyright 2006 Dennis Watson

Let me explain. I run a do-it-yourself blog and most of the time I tend to write or find articles on DIY projects that relate to home improvement or auto repair. I thought it would be fun to write an article on something a lot different, like cooking. I chose this topic because my wife makes the best french toast and I thought there may be folks out there wanting a few pointers.

9). How To Clean A Fish - You Can Do That
Copyright 2006 Dennis Watson

Recently I was fortunate enough to go fishing with a few friends at a near by lake. We caught quite a few fish and looked forward to eating them. I was looking forward to eating them but forgot I was going to have to clean them. How was I going to do that? I never cleaned a fish before. Well we all got lucky when a local resident said he would show us how.

10). Grow a Healthy Lawn - You Can Do That
Copyright 2006 Dennis Watson

Do you desire a perfect lawn? Are you frustrated that your neighbor always seems to have a greener, fuller lawn than yours? If so read on, this article will help you achieve a beautiful, healthy lawn in no time. Below are tips on how to go about realizing your dream.


You have to fertilize. Fertilizing your yard will do several things 1) it will make it greener, 2) will make it grow and 3) will cause new seed to germinate.

11). How To Change A Flat Tire - You Can Do That
Copyright 2006 Dennis Watson

My oldest daughter reached driving age not to long ago and one of the requirements for her license was for her to successfully change a flat tire on her own. I gave her a quick visual of where the equipment and tire was and then wrote down instructions for her to follow. I figured that if she could follow these instructions successfully then she was ready to be alone out in the car.



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