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1). What Is Your Wish for the New Year?
You can create your own future by focusing your thoughts on what you wish to accomplish. Know that you are responsible for everything that happens in your life - both good and bad. Here are 25 wishes for the coming new year.

2). A Fashion Basic Quiz
How sophisticated is your knowledge of the basic fashion requirements? Do you own the basic fashions? What is one of the first choices that make up a basic wardrobe? Why is quality more important than quantity? Are you a fashion diva, or a fashion dropout? Test your basic fashion facts.

3). Your Thoughts Are Powerful
You are always at the mercy of your thoughts. They control you - if you let them. Learning to think in a new way is the key.

4). Insider Secrets to Internet Marketing
The internet has become a power for business, home-businesses, individuals and entrepreneurs who have found many ways to catapult their careers, finances, and business goals. Marketing on the internet is one of the ways to find great success - if used wisely and resourcefully.

5). Now Is A Great Time to Advance Your Destiny
Today, the economic disasters call for drastic changes in your way of thinking and reacting to the new problems that continue to rise as a result. How do you approach these new problems and challenges? Is there a magic pill?

6). The Secret Power of Faith
Faith is a permanent belief that is natural to every human soul. Whether you exercise that right or not, is up to you. Depending on the circumstances, the power of your faith is stronger at times, and weaker at other times. What are you prepared to sacrifice for your divine right to this awesome power?

7). How to Program Your Subconscious Mind for Happiness, Health, Riches and More
Why would you limit your thinking by settling for lack in any area of your life? Life is meant to be filled with all of the happiness, health, creativity, and riches you deserve just by focusing on what it is you deserve to happen in your life. Here are 12 affirmations you can practice daily.

8). Seven Gemstones for Success
What are your goals for reaching success? Do they include setting goals and target dates to achieve them? What about choosing goals that you are passionate about? These are just a few of the gemstones required to attract success and prosperity in your life. Do you know what the others are?

9). How Do You Rate Your Professional Image?
What values can you create that are worthy to display to yourself and others? Look at the following areas in your life and see how high you rate.†

10). Setting Goals for Success
Success comes to those who go out to look for it. Are you looking in the right place?

11). The Basic Secrets of A Million Dollar Sales Letter
The heart, soul and secret to a winning sales letter is AIDA. What is AIDA?

12). Decide Your Own Destiny
From one day, or even one hour to the next, how well do you know yourself? The answers are the keys to deciding your destiny.

13). A Positive Self-Image
Discover what makes you unique. These essential qualities determine your self-image.

14). Ambition is the Key to Your Personal Power
A positive attitude leads to personal power and is open to all of us. When directed toward positive goals, ambition is an attitude worthy of achieving. It helps you to act on any purpose you wish to accomplish. Here are seven worthy ambitions.

15). Discover The Spark That Motivates You In Business and Life
What determines how successful you are and how you can remain that way? Is it planning? Is it having a worthwhile purpose? Is it energy and action? It is these and more.

16). Express Your Individuality in Your Fashions
Expressing your individuality takes a bit of planning and magic. The trick is to know what, when, and how to shop for what, when and where your day or night takes you. Come discover the tricks to express your individuality.

17). Flatter Your Figure and Avoid Fashion Mistakes
What are your fashion strengths? What are your fashion flaws? Do you know how designers create styles and fabrics that achieve a certain look that flatters most figure types? Here are some essential suggestions to highlight your strengths.

18). Going from Employee to Boss Are You a Good Candidate?
What makes you a good candidate to become your own boss? Is it something you born with? Are you innovative? Can you think and plan ahead? All of these and more are just a few steps in going from employee to boss.


"The mind is everything; what you think you become."
- Guatama Buddha

Do You Have What It Takes to Take It?

Without the strength to d

20). Aspirations Worth Their Weight in Platinum
There are two aspirations worth achieving: one is communicating effectively so your words will never be misunderstood; the second is having a positive self-image.

21). Recipe for Success
Discover what you need to do to make the recipe for success work for you. Places yourself at the threshold of where you wish to be and go from there.

22). Dreams of A Million Dollar Wardrobe
Would you say the clothes in your closet are worth a million dollars? What kind of fashion statement do the clothes in your wardrobe present? Are you a bold dresser? Or, do you like sensible, unfussy? Here are twenty tips for keeping an impressive fashion wardrobe.

23). What Is In Your Dream Closet?
What is in the closet of your dreams? How long do you wait before replacing old, worn out clothing that you only keep for sentimental reasons? How many of the top ten classic fashion items do you have in your closet?

24). Knowing What Counts Above Everything Else
Your emotions are powerful. What are the positive values you consider worthwhile in your life? Do they serve to elevate your self-confidence? Your spiritual values and the manner in which you hold yourself accountable for your actions, influences others and can be positive values for them, also.

25). A Journey to Personal Riches
At any one time during your day, are you aware of where your thoughts lead you? Come take a journey into your mind and discover your hidden secrets, ideas, and path to personal riches.

26). How Perfect Are Your Fashion Buying Habits?
Habits are patterns of behavior that are easily learned and once learned, are often difficult to break. Planning your wardrobe, sticking to a budget, and buying only those items you need to replace is a habit worth its weight in gold.

27). Savvy Fashion Basics
What makes you choose a certain style of clothing? Do you know the basic colors? How many are in your wardrobe or closet? And what is your commitment to fashions? Test your knowledge of fashion savvy basics.

28). 12 Thoughts for a Happy New Year
New Year's resolutions are often started, and often forgotten by year's end. For something to do that will last the whole year, pick one of the following thoughtful ideas and try it for a full month. Then at the end of 2006, check your score to see how many you were actually able to add to your list of achievements. Have fun!


"The mind is everything; what you think you become."
- Guatama Buddha

Do You Have What It Takes to Take It?

Without the strength to d

30). Fashion Sense - Think Before You Shop
Stop and take a good look at what is in your closet. These items make up what you wear. When you shop, do you always know what clothing purchases will fit in with your everyday life? How do your clothing purchases match what you do for a living? Here are some worthy thoughts.

31). Fashion: To Do or Not to Do, That Is the Question
What are classic fashions? Do you know the difference between daytime casual wear and appropriate evening wear styles? Which type are you? Casual or elegant? Find out more and see if the clothing in your closet passes the test.

32). Online Viral Marketing: Is Your Business Worthy?
How do your ideas, products, and services get talked about by others? When this happens with your business it is the best advertisement you can get. Is your business worthy enough?

33). Fashion Image Tips: The Trick to Learning Good Habits
Do you know your clothing personality type? Based on your unique personality, there is an art to making your clothing choices. Whether you have made bad choices in the past, with special attention you can always work toward forming new habits. Find out whether your habits are good ones.

34). Your Self-Image - How Is It Working for You?
Take charge of your life. Knowing what you want and how to get there is more then half the battle. Knowing yourself and improving the behavior that doesn't work is one of the keys.

35). What Is Your Energy Level?
For the most valuable outcome to any task you attempt to do, focusing your energy is necessary. Are you satisfied with what you have accomplished so far? Have you wasted time doing something you didnít mean to do? Both require you to use a certain amount of your energy. One type is positive; the other negative. Here are seven behavior patterns you can practice to increase your energy level.

36). Dressing Your Personal & Professional Best
What does your style of dressing say about you? Are you one type, or a combination of types? Your personality is expressed by your choice of fashions and how you wear them. Learn what determines your choices.

37). Would You Make the Best Dressed List?
It is difficult, though, not impossible to be well dressed on a limited budget. Having fashion problems is not uncommon you just have to realize what to do to offset the challenge. What are your fashion problems. Here are a few ideas to stimulate your planning.

38). What Is True Prosperity
You can create your own prosperity by mastering and using these three important steps. Are you ready to become the kind of person it takes to make your own success?



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