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1). The Myth Of AutoShip
AutoShip, or the automatic delivery of products or services on a monthly basis primarily serves two functions: 1) To create consistent consumption and repeat purchases of that product or service by the consumer; 2) Customer convenience, by eliminating the need for the customer to have to repeatedly reorder the same products or services over and over again.

2). Budgeting For Your Success
Just one of the advantages of starting a home based business is that it usually cost less than starting a business that requires office space or other facilities. Most people are already paying for a home or apartment anyway, so starting a business from that location entails very little extra overhead.

Aside from eliminating the need to pay for office space, warehouse space, a restaurant, storefront, etc.

3). How Long Before You Make Money?
With the exception of some not for profit organizations most people go into business in order to produce revenue (income) and profit. Unfortunately, when it comes to a home business, and especially network marketing, many people forget this important point.

In a traditional business, whether a Ma and Pa shop, or a large franchise store like McDonald’s, business owners know to watch their numbers.

4). Don't Quit Your Day Job!
Ever heard someone try to sing who isn’t a very good singer? Or someone try to tell jokes who isn’t really very good at being a comedian? That’s when you’ll often hear the saying, “don’t quit your day job!”

This article is about something different. We are assuming that you ARE qualified to do whatever it is that you are currently doing, though you may not be as happy in your current occupation as you would like to be.

5). How Long Will Your Home Biz Company Be Around?
Often someone will ask me if I’ve heard of a certain company, or if I know how long they’ve been around. But the most interesting question that I am sometimes asked is, “how long do you think they ‘will’ be around?”

That last one is not only an interesting question, but it’s one that really no one can possibly have an answer to.

Just in the weeks.



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