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Regina Maniam Profile and Articles

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1). How To Maximize Use Of VoIP For Your Home Business
If you are running a home business, you can use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services to provide many benefits. VoIP is known to be significantly less expensive than the traditional telephone long distance packages, but this is only one advantage of using VoIP.

2). Leadership Styles - Practice Effective Leadership
Much is written about leadership styles and techniques. There are biographies of leaders that have inspired people. But how do you outlook leadership and how can you become an effective leader?

3). How To Succeed Despite Fear Of Failure
Do not let your fear of failure get in your way of succeeding. In fact, you can use failure to achieve greater heights. Read this article to find out how.

4). How You Can Overcome Your Fear Of Public Speaking
Do you fear public speaking? Most people do, but it is not something that cannot be overcome.Try out the tips provided in this article.

5). 8 Tips To Conducting Business Meetings Confidently
Have you been in a business meeting where the objectives are not clear, you are not sure why you were invited and it seems a sheer waste of time? Read this article to know 8 tips that will help you to prepare and conduct effective meetings.

6). Mind Techniques - The Way To Achieve Your Dreams
Did you know that there are mind techniques that you can use to better your life? After all, you spend time at work, watching television, reading the papers, going out to have a fun time. Would it not be worthwhile to enhance your mind power to achieve greater heights?

7). How To Communicate With Confidence
Have you wished how nice it will be if you could communicate with confidence? It could be to someone who reports to you or someone you report to. Or it could be your peers. Find out in this article how you can do this and increase your effectiveness.

8). How To Get Out Of Personal Debt
Personal debts can see your hard earned money vanishing without you even realizing it. What are the steps you can take to control this?

9). True Happiness - Where And How To Find It
Have you wondered how and where to find true happiness? Why is it that even if things go well, you still feel unhappy? Read this article to find out the why, how and where.

10). Reasons For Credit Cards Use In Our Daily Lives
Are there reasons for credit cards? Do we really need them considering that so many people are getting into severe credit card debts? Practically everyone from teenagers to retirees, most people have at least one credit card.

11). Get Low Cost Website Traffic Tips
The ability to generate traffic is very important to making money online. The good news is there are low cost and sometimes free ways of getting this traffic.

12). Bad Credit Home Loans - Use Them To Your Advantage
Bad credit home loans are about being able to get loans despite having a bad credit rating. This is an instrument of opportunity for those who have bad credit rating and would like drop out of their debt and start on the road to good credit building.

13). What Is Life Coaching?
Are you wondering what is life coaching? It is becoming increasingly popular and something that you may want to consider for yourself.

14). Understand Debt To Be Debt Free
Debts cannot be totally avoided. They are a necessity for people who need to use products and services but do not have ready cash on hand. Being in debt is not a problem, but the target should be to get as debt free as possible. Understanding debt should be the first step towards that target.

15). Internet Home Business - Pros And Cons
Having a internet home business is less stressful than an office job. No rush hour traffic to reckon with and you decide what time you wake up in the morning. But there are both pros and cons to this.

16). Do You Really Need A Debt Consolidator?
If you have decided to do debt consolidation, then getting a debt consolidator may seem like the natural next step. Debt consolidators, of course, will make it all look very straightforward and give you the impression that all your debts can be neatly arranged into one that is even looks lighter. Unfortunately, for a lot of people, this turns out to be a bad experience.

17). Top Tips On Effective Debt Management
The best type of debt management is responsible borrowing and a good control perspective of the debts and how the debts are going to be paid off.

18). How Debt Counseling Can Help You
Did you know that debt counseling is one of the most well liked programs among the many debt relief programs available today? This program helps more than the average consumers who seek debt consolidations.



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