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1). Countertops 101 - Deciding on Your Kitchen Countertop Materials
For many, their kitchen is the most important room in their house. And most real estate experts agree that the best way to improve or raise the property value of a house is to remodel the kitchen. The four major components of a kitchen remodel usually involve replacing the major appliances, installing new floors, replacing or re-facing the kitchen cabinets, and installing a new countertop.

2). Invasion of the Mold Spores - Tips for Successful Mold Remediation
Mold spores. They almost sound like alien invaders from a 1950’s sci-fi movie --“Attack of the Killer Mold Spores!” But that description may not be too far off the mark. Mold is dangerous. It can be more prevalent and can cause more health problems than termites, carbon monoxide, asbestos, or radon. In fact, mold is everywhere and impossible to get rid of in nature.

3). Relocate or Renovate?
Should I stay or should I go? Inevitably, most homeowners are forced to ask this question at some point in time. The decision to sell their house and move away or to stay in their home and remodel can be very tough indeed. Many factors certainly influence whether you decide to move or whether you stay and remodel your home.


Location, location, location.

4). I Want My Life To Be Extraordinary!
There are many ways to personal development. One way, is to find your own unique magnificence. That part of you which makes you extraordinary.

5). How to Find the Best Contractor for Your Home Improvement Project
It’s finally time to tackle that big home improvement project you’ve always wanted to do. Or, you might have waited so long, now you need to do the project. Which leads to your first question – “Where do I start?”

Well, the truth is… some jobs are simply too big, too complicated, or require too much time to handle on your own. Whether it’s remodeling a kitchen, installing gutters, or electrical rewiring for your business – you’ll likely need an expert.

6). A Guide to Flooring Materials for Your Home
Whether you plan to install new flooring in one room or all throughout your home, there are many floor materials to choose from out there and they can really make an impact. Today, there is a myriad of new hardwoods and even some old favorites are making a comeback (yes, you guessed it: linoleum has been on the radar the past few years!) No matter your budget, there are quite a few choices in flooring material that will make a dramatic difference to any room.

7). Do I Really Need a Contractor?
You need to paint the house. Maybe install a new bathroom sink. Or it’s time to replace the inflatable pool sitting in the backyard with a kidney-shaped in-ground pool. But what you need to ask yourself is… do you take on the project yourself?

Well, it all depends. To answer this question, you’ll need to ask three more questions:

• Do I have the.



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