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W. Dave Free Profile and Articles

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1). Email Marketing is Still Hot for Small Business
How do you communicate with your customers? We all know that there's getting to be more and more online activity. How much? According to the Pew Research Center:

The proportion of Americans online on a typical day grew from 36% of the entire adult population in January 2002 to 44% in December 2005. The number of adults who said they logged on at least once a day from home rose from 27% of American adults in January 2002 to 35% in late 2005.

2). Small businesses main problem? They need more customers.
In September of 2005 our company sponsored a survey of small businesses in the service areas. The purpose of the survey was to ask the business owners, many of them franchise owners, what their significant business hurdles were. The key areas of the survey were customers, growth, technology and research, and employees. You can see the complete results at http://seedsofgrowth.

3). Making Gold from Scrap
Nucor's business is not new and sexy. In fact it is as rust belt as it comes: melt down scrap steel to make new steel. What's amazing about Nucor is not the business they are in but their results.

How does 387% return to shareholders over the past five years sound? That's better than Amazon, Starbucks and eBay. Since the 1980's it has grown into the largest steel company in the U.

4). Internet Security Software What Is The Best
What is the best internet security software? This can be a controversial subject at times because everyone has their own opinion of what is the best internet security software. The thing that I would like to compare is the differences between free software and software that you buy from some of the big name companies. What is the difference and is one better than the other?

5). Shift Your Growth into the Fast Lane by Engaging Your Customers
Do you feel like you have the ďpedal to the metal,Ē spending all you can on advertising but still canít get the growth of your business into the fast lane? The fact is, if your customers arenít engaged, it may not matter how much you spend on advertising. Just like a car in neutral isnít going anywhere (no matter how much gas you give it) until the transmission is engaged, your business isnít going anywhere until your customers are engaged.

6). Use Email to Get Inside
So now that you are systematically collecting opt-in emails from your customers (if you are not see how effectively are you using email to build the relationship with your customers? Do you see email as just a cheap replacement for traditional print, radio, or TV advertising? If so, you are leaving opportunities on the table.

The other day I saw a "Graduation-Wedding-Mother's Day" sale advertised on television.

7). Strategies for Building Traffic
Important strategies on building traffic that are often over looked.

8). Build A System Not A Website
How do you get you affiliate marketing business to grow? You need more than just a website, you need a system.

9). Successful Affiliates Simple Strategies
Simple affiliate marketing strategies to help separate you from your competition.



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