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Articles in: Home / Hobbies / Arts and Crafts

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  • 1). How to Make Lanyards  By : Seth Miller
    Creative types may be curious to learn how to make lanyards. If you are able to follow simple directions you will be able to produce your very own lanyard for personal use or to give as a gift. Whether for yourself or a as a gift, lanyards are a great way to secure your keys, cell phone, badge, or whistle. In learning how to make lanyards it is important to choose the right material.
    article related to: lanyards, printed lanyards, custom printed lanyards, beaded lanyards

  • 3). Making A Twig Wreath  By : Dawn Keadic
    This twig wreath makes a very attractive decoration for inside or outside and one in which you can take great pride. The materials which you will require are a wire coat hanger, craft wire, I like to use about a 22-24 gauge wire, twigs, I like to break them into five inch lengths, berries, dried flowers, pinecones, whatever seems right to you, you are the creator so you are the one to be pleased.
    article related to: wreath, home decor, interior design, twig wreaths, crafts

  • 5). Common Crafts For Kids To Make For Fathers Day  By : Nicola Kennedy
    Really young children just don’t understand the concept of giving on particular holidays. Buying dad a tie or a coffee mug just doesn’t mean much to them. Young kids love to make things, though, so here are some common crafts that kids make for Father’s Day that you could try. Dough Handprints – Using ordinary flour dough, which you can make at home your child can press their hand print into the soft substance.
    article related to: fathers day, father, pop, dad, daddy, parent, family, home, father's day

  • 11). Stuck On Scrapbooking? Host A Party  By : Stacey Moore
    If you're stuck on scrapbooking, you have lots of company. More than 26 million Americans are snipping, trimming and gluing along with you. And why not? Scrapbooking is a great way of preserving cherished moments for future generations-whether it's that great family vacation to Hawaii, a best friend's beautiful wedding or even your beloved pet. Hosting a scrapbooking party is a new way to create lasting memories and offer a fun activity at your next get-together.
    article related to: stuck on scrapbooking? host a party

  • 15). Bird Twig Wreath  By : Dawn Keadic
    This is a very attractive wreath and a very popular one. You will want to gather a supply of twigs which are long, thin and pliable. You will also need craft wire, 22 to 24 gauge, wire cutters, a glue gun, glue sticks and a wreath base. You will also want some bird picks, the choice is yours, an artificial birds’ nest, wooden eggs, small ones, and a large ribbon.
    article related to: wreaths, home decorating, crafts

  • 19). The Stunning Brilliance Of A Murano Chandelier  By : John Francis
    A Murano chandeleir is a true work of art. These pieces go beyond the normal designs and style, mixing gold with clear glass or adding unique shaped glass pieces. Murano chandeleirs are all made to the highest standards. These pieces are made to last and provide a quality lighting fixture. Murano chandeleirs are in a class of their own. Known for precise construction and superior products, Murano is a company that has gained respect.
    article related to: murano chandelier, lighting, crystal

  • 21). Peacock Feather Wreath  By : Dawn Keadic
    Making a peacock feather wreath is a very easy project and will result in a beautifully elegant finished product. This sort of wreath makes a beautiful adornment for your home at any time of year and can be enhanced by the addition of ornaments or left in its natural splendor. For this project you will need a straw wreath base. The size of the wreath base which you choose to use will be a part in determining the size of the wreath.
    article related to: feather wreath, wreaths, home decorating, crafts

  • 22). Custom Embroidery Tips  By : George Royal
    There are important considerations you have to bear in mind before creating or ordering your own, custom embroidery designs. For D-I-Y (Do-it-yourself) people, it is easy to get yourself a hi-tech embroidery machine complete with digitized programs, but the quality of your work will depend on your own artistic instincts and knowledge of specific embroidery techniques.
    article related to: embroidery, hobby, hobbies

  • 24). Artisan Glass History  By : Frank Vanderlugt
    Artisan glass refers to handblown or individually created glass items, as opposed to items such as standardized glass windows and other mass-produced products. Until a few hundred years ago, this description fit virtually all glass products. Common glass contains about 70% amorphous silicon dioxide, the same chemical composition as quartz and sand.
    article related to: artisan glass, glass, blown glass, handmade glass, venetian glass

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