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  • 13). Awesome Customer Service Requires a Three Pronged Attack  By : John Stanley
    The perception in the marketplace, according to research, is that customer service is declining. Whether consumer expectations have increased or services have declined over the last few years is debatable. The fact is, perception is truth, in the consumers’ eyes.

  • 14). A Day in the Life of a Customer  By : John Stanley
    The key in today’s competitive climate is to ensure you invest in your team to ensure they are the best ambassadors you can have when they deal with your customers.

  • 18). How To Walk The Floor And Talk To Customers  By : John Stanley
    Your role is take that of a maitre d’hotel. You should meet your guests (customers), welcome them and ensure they leave with a positive feeling about your business. You should set aside at least one hour a day to walk the store and talk to customers.

  • 22). Hunters and Gatherers - Are You Serving Both Their Needs?  By : John Stanley
    Research shows that consumers shop establishments based on one of the two personal profiles. The Hunter - know what they want, they are focused on the task in front of them and they do not want anyone or anything to stand in their way. The Gatherer - enjoy the experience of shopping and like to enjoy browsing around and discovering new items.

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