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  • 3). How To Overcome A Stammer  By : blueboy
    My name is Stephen Hill, I have overcome a stammer which had been a major thorn in my side for eighteen years. My aim in life is to try and help as many other people to achieve fluency as I can. When I had a stammer, I would attend speech therapy, at which I would be told to slow down or to take a deep breath before talking. This did not seem to help me very much and after attending these speech therapy lessons for eighteen years decided it probably never would.
    article related to: stammer, stutter, speech impediment, speech problem, stuttering, stammering, stammering toddler

  • 8). How To Overcome Shyness  By : blueboy
    This article looks into ways to help people break free from shyness. The advice is based from personal experience and I hope it will provide inspiration to many people. As a child and well into my teenage years, I was a person who was often referred to as being very shy. Even though this description was true, I always longed to be as confident and outgoing as everybody else.
    article related to: shy, stressed, work, socialising, fear, rejected, disliked, people, twenties, afraid, scared, happy

  • 14). Being an Emotional Victim  By : Margaret Paul, Ph. D.
    None of us like to think of ourselves as victims. The term "victim" brings to mind a pathetic image of a person who is powerless. Therefore, It comes as a shock to most of us to realize how often we allow ourselves to be emotional victims. Having counseled individuals, couples, families and business partners for 35 years, I know that many of us are victims much of the time without realizing it.
    article related to: communication, anger, self help, self improvement, coaching

  • 15). The Secret of Self-Esteem  By : Margaret Paul, Ph. D.
    Have you ever thought about what really creates self-esteem? Having a deep sense of inner worth is important to all of us, but many people have some false beliefs about what creates confidence in our own merit as individuals. Some of the common false beliefs regarding what creates self-esteem are: * I will feel good about my self when I’m making $______(fill in the amount) a year.
    article related to: self esteem, confidence, coaching, personal growth, self improvement

  • 16). Making Life Easier, With NLP Chunking  By : Adam Eason
    You know, in psychology there is a rule, especially within the NLP circles that I work in and the NLP literature that I read, it is quite a famous rule; 7 plus or minus 2 – this is the notion that the conscious mind can only keep track of between 5 and 9 discrete pieces of information at one time. Your unconscious can literally keep track of billions and billions of things at the same time aparently (clever thing that it is!), while your conscious mind is more one step at a time and it has a fairly narrow focus.
    article related to: nlp, chunking, neuro linguistic programming

  • 18). Assist the Universe In Manifesting Your Desires  By : Karen Kelley
    So you think understand the principles of manifesting but you cannot explain why these things are not coming to you. You believe that we create our reality. You understand the laws of attraction, and believe that what we think about we attract into our experience. You have even been practicing these principles, that is, when you remember to. When you think about it, you are repeating affirmations such as: My perfect relationship is available and I deserve to have it.
    article related to: manifest, take action

  • 20). Her Cries for help are Real!!  By : Dorothy
    Throughout my dealings with women from all over the world, I have met so many that are in a prison of pain and frustration. Through my website, they search desperately for a way out of this prison. They want so desperately to be heard. Her Cries for help are genuine.She is not inventing her worries, nor is she so bored with her life that she is imagining things and creating her own miseries.
    article related to: women, woman, esteem, self, confidence, jealous, issues, help, her, cry, abuse, sexuality, beauty, ugly

  • 21). Learning How To Deal With A Bully  By : blueboy
    Most people at some stage of their lives will become the victim of bullying. People may think that this only occurs at school, however a lot of bullying also occurs in the workplace and even by your local neighbours. This article describes how I have learnt to deal with these nasty people, by playing what I call the nutter card. At school I was an obvious target for a bully.
    article related to: bully, bullying, bullies, abuse, stammer, stutter, stuttering, confidence

  • 24). 5 Simple Steps to Controlling Your Anger  By : Jamie Sullivan
    How many times have you lost control of yourself when you're angry? Did you do or said something which you regretted over time? I guess we all did. It's normal, and afterall, we are just human beings. Everyone of us faces problems with anger. The main difference between you and me is that, do you know how to gain control of your anger, instead of letting it control you.
    article related to: anger management, anger control, temper, tantrums

  • 25). To Know is To Not Know  By : Lee Down
    This is truer than people might realize. Dig deep, there is a significant powerful truth buried in this statement that can redefine life and create more positive and powerful experiences. As we navigate life, become educated in society, and learn from experiences we inevitably think we know. We know what people are like, we know what this means and that means, we know what to expect, and we know what will be good and what will be bad.
    article related to: perception, personal power, responsibility, spiritual identity, spirituality, emotions, emotional

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