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  • 3). The Best Way to Identify Antiques  By : Mitch Johnson
    One of the most well known timbers is the Mahogany, which is mostly imported from the nations like Cuba, San Domingo, Bahamas and Honduras. It is red-brown. There are others trees that have come to be known as Mahogany but they are not actually Mahogany
    article related to: antique, collection, collective

  • 8). Investing In A Dollhouse Can Be Fun  By : Brooke Hayles
    If you are of the belief that dollhouses would be interesting only to little girls, you are absolutely wrong.People belonging to all age groups have started indulging in this wonderful and interesting activity of dollhouse collecting and arranging.Dollhouses are available in different budgets and varities to suit your requirements
    article related to: dollhouse, doll's house, toy house

  • 19). 10 Great Cents  By : Kip Goldhammer
    It is safe to say there have been many important coins in the history of the cent denomination. Ranging from expensive and scarce to rather available and inexpensive, important cents take a number of forms, making the top 10 an interesting and diverse group.The cent was a high priority for the U.S. Mint from its start, with the first cents being minted for circulation in 1793, the year after the Mint opened. Hereís my list of the 10 best that have been produced since then.
    article related to: u.s. coins, coins, coin collecting, rare coins, coin links, ancient coins, bullion, world coins

  • 22). Coin Collecting Throughout the Ages  By : John Morris
    Coin collecting, or numismatics is a hobby as old as time. As a hobby, it has been around for more than 2,500 years. This is surprising since the use of coins has been around for pretty much that same amount of time too. Man has always had a fixation for small, round, shiny things. And throughout the ages, coin collectors have always been on the prowl for the oldest, rarest, most attractive coins around.
    article related to: coins, coin collecting, ancient coins, old coins

  • 25). A Look At Sports Memorabilia And Collecting  By : Gregg Hall
    Collecting sports memorabilia is a hobby that can fill your spare time with importance and give you a distraction to the everyday drudgery. What you decide to collect is a matter of personal preference. Some people collect items from a broad range of different sports while others only collect items that pertain to a particular sport or a particular athlete.
    article related to: sports memorabilia

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