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  • 3). The Importance of Memorials in the Grieving Process  By : Vaughn Balchunas
    The experience of death is a life-altering event. Any person who has deeply mourned the loss of someone near and dear will tell you that you can never really go back to being the person that you once were. Somewhere along the way, you have lost a little something of yourself. This experience of loss is most intense when the deceased is someone very close like a parent, sibling or child.
    article related to: cremation urns

  • 13). Dealing with Deaths  By : neil parnham
    One of the hardest things that can happen in your life is the death of a person that you love, I myself understand the feeling of what it is like to cope with death, as recently I have lost my 19 month old godson
    article related to: death, deaths, help, family help

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