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Articles in: Home / Internet / E-Business

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  • 1). Why 99% of All Online Businesses Fail  By : Daegan Smith
    It is a fact that 99% of internet businesses fail. According to the Department of Labor and Statistics, 75,000 new people subscribe to the Internet daily. This is a startling statistic, considering that many people around the world already have access to the internet. In line with that, 100,000 new web sites are built while 125,000 people start a home-based business per week.
    article related to: online business, internet buisness

  • 11). No one Really Makes Money Online  By : Daegan Smith
    People think that itís easy to make money from the Internet. While the cost of setting up a company has gotten cheaper on the average compared to the Industrial Age overhead. You also have more people with the same idea to compete with now. So in exchange for less capital, you get more competition. If itís not one thing itís the other.
    article related to: internet business, business

  • 14). Three Reasons Why are You Failing Online  By : Daegan Smith
    Upset with your online sales? Tired of looking for reasons why you continuously fail with your online business no matter what you do? Then, it is time for you to do some shaking. You have to loosen up in order to realize that in spite of the many efforts that you have tried, there are only three reasons why you are not making any sales online.
    article related to: online business, internet buisness

  • 15). Online Business Owners: Five Steps to a Holiday Gift You Give Yourself  By : Stephanie Diamond
    No matter how large or small your company is, online business owners need to take a step back and evaluate their business. It’s a gift you can give yourself at this time of year. Your business is only as good as the strategy and tactics that support it. Many of my customers resist this, especially at holiday time. I believe this is the best time to see where you are and where you’re headed. Holiday time can be emotional. While your feelings are on the surface, it’s a good time to do some valuable thinking about your business.
    article related to: online marketing, internet marketing, e-commerce

  • 17). The Truth about Online Income  By : Daegan Smith
    That is what everybody is so crazy about. The problem with most people is that they tend to find ways that will give them the opportunities to earn money easily. They pass over the fact that easy money is never effective. They tend to overlook the reality behind earning money.
    article related to: online success, online business

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