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  • 2). Marble And Granite – What Produces The Shine?  By : David Andrew Smith
    Many people make the assumption that marble, granite and other finely polished natural stones shine because a ‘polish’ has been added to them. Nothing could be further from the truth. Natural stones are made of crystals. The crystals are made up of different minerals. Each mineral forms a different crystal shape. These different crystals interlock together to make up the stone.

  • 6). The Many Faces Of Face Painting  By : John Mclain
    Face painting is one of the cherished activities of festivals, carnivals, parades and events across the country. More and more holidays are beginning to use face painting as a great activity for kids. Schools can also incorporate it as a station on their annual field day. Halloween may boast the most face painting out of any holiday, but summer fairs and county festivals run close behind.
    article related to: painting, paintings, art, artist, hobby, recreation, entertainment, face painting

  • 8). Make Sachets With Potpourri And Essential Oils  By : Katelyn Thomas
    Do you have potpourri and essential oils coming out your ears? If so, you may want to consider using them to make simple sachets as gifts. Sachets are great for tucking into bureau drawers to make your clothing smell wonderful and also can be used in closets. To make a sachet, you will need muslin, ribbon, and some potpourri. Cut a four inch by eight inch piece of muslin.
    article related to: aromatherapy, crafts, potpouri

  • 9). Native American Indian Art Wood Carvings of the Pacific Northwest  By : Clint Leung
    Native American Indian art in the American southwest is dominated by the magnificent pottery and jewelry in the region. When it comes to the Pacific Northwest region which covers the states of Oregon, Washington, British Columbia (Canada) and the southern part of Alaska, the Native American art here is mostly wood carvings. This is not surprising since unlike the southwest desert, the Pacific Northwest is abundant with forests which have provided the wood as raw material for the region’s Native American Indian art.
    article related to: native, american, indian, pacific, northwest, art, wood, carvings, masks

  • 11). Modern Uses For Ceramics  By : Claire Quaty
    We commonly think of ceramics as art objects and decorations. But ceramics really are diverse pieces of multi-purpose material that are made from burning formed pieces of pottery. This shaped clay started out many years ago being hand-formed and was eventually made with a wheel to iron out any fingerprints or major imperfections. Handmade ceramic is still made as an art form today, even though it is no longer the industry standard for making objects.
    article related to: ceramic, science, dentist, tools

  • 20). Learning The Tricks: Hankerchief Tricks  By : Preston Houer
    Magic tricks have been around for centuries and are practiced in every society. They are among the most popular past times both for children and adult. Tricks may make use of materials or objects such as coins, cards, tables, game cards, and number tricks but the one that remains to be the most popular among children and the one that is first learned by a beginner is the handkerchief.
    article related to: magic, magicians, tricks, handerchief

  • 22). Cassie’s Creepy Candy Store - Review  By : write 2 right
    Cassie’s Creepy Candy Store by Sheila Sauvageau-Smestad is a 40-page storybook for children that will be a favorite for the Halloween season – when candy is not only unavoidable, but is abundant. Halloween is also an appropriate time to purposefully gross out the kids, with humor and light-hearted fun. The author employs a simplistic rhyming scheme and a good text flow for its readers, which will get the children uttering "EW!" and have a giggle or two.
    article related to: children, candy, halloween

  • 25). Download Full Movies  By : -JD
    Divx Movies Everyone in the Online Movie world is talking about DivX Movies, you may have heard of this term before, but what does it really mean? Well, If we would ask a techie: "DivX is a digital video compression format based on the MPEG-4 technology. DivX files can be downloaded over high-speed lines in a relatively short time without sacrificing the quality of the digital video.
    article related to: movies, download movies, download full movies, movies online, watch movies online

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