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  • 7). How To Solve Unsolvable Problems  By : Saleem Rana
    When Willis H. Carrier was a young man, he worked for the Buffalo Forge Company in Buffalo, New York. He remembered that one of his toughest projects was the installation of a gas-cleaning device in a plant of the Pittsburgh Glass Company at Crystal City, Missouri. While the device, designed to clean gas as it burned without damaging the engines, worked properly, it was new and had only been tried once under different conditions. As Willis worked on this project, problems arose – because, while the device did work, it did not work properly.
    article related to: profit, thinking, success principle, focussing, problem, successful, successful attitude, fears

  • 8). FBI Raids: Pertinent or Paranoid?  By : J Square Humboldt
    Business always moves faster than government ... It's no surprise that a great deal of lawmakers' time is spent reacting to advances in commerce and science. It's also no surprise that one of their favorite tactics is to call on their enforcement agencies to bring scrutiny against any topic about which they're struggling to understand. We're now seeing this applied against at least two e-currency operations.
    article related to: int gold, e-gold, e-currency, e-commerce, fbi raids, cyberiter

  • 9). Giveaways by Web Site Draw in Consumers  By : Samuel Martin
    Toy surprises buried in cereal boxes or in bags of popular snacks have been a marketing tactic for as long as package goods have been sold in supermarkets. Most people probably can't even imagine a Cracker Jack box without a prize inside. Giveaways are not just for kids; adults have long participated in incentive giveaways ranging from a free tote with the purchase of makeup or perfume at a department store, to $500 gift cards with a new account at the local bank.
    article related to: giveaways by web site draw in consumers

  • 11). Professional Ethics  By : Jacob Parker
    There are many professions in the world that require strong will, stamina and courage to get occupied. Thousands of policemen, doctors, firemen, rescue teams save people every minute. Graduating form the University and mastering one of the professions mentioned above you think only about successful application of your knowledge in practice. A couple of years after you become a famous doctor, an honorary resident and a dedicated family man.
    article related to: ethics

  • 12). Are Employers Less Likely to Hire Muslims?  By : Murad Ali
    Research conducted at Davenport University by Murad Ali indicates that Muslims are the least likely out of all other ethnic groups to be hired by employers. Participants were students enrolled in either the MBA program or in business undergraduate courses. The type of full-time work the students engaged in ranged from entry level to senior executive.
    article related to: muslim, employers, hiring, recruiting, islam, workplace, law

  • 22). Your lenders are spying on your clients  By : Ameen
    As mortgage brokers we are always in jeopardy of losing our customers to the lenders we work with. We deal with our clients for a short amount of time, but the lender is in constant communication with them for years. And whenever your customers are asked who their mortgage company is, they will usually answer the name of their lender. Some lenders are better at stealing our clients then others.

  • 23). Keys to a Good Business Plan.  By : Anthony Jewell
    A business plan is a very important part of any business. It is usually drawn up before the business launches, but can also be developed after a business has already taken off. A good plan can take some time to develop but the effort you put into it will be well worth it to make your business succeed. Not many people know exactly what goes into a good business plan. What alot don't realize is that each business plan is unique to each business.
    article related to: commerce, business plan, development, ecommerce

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