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Articles in: Home / Finance / Financial Planning

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  • 2). New And Unusual Fundraising Ideas  By : Steve Gillman
    Need some new fundraising ideas? When your organization or group needs to raise money for a trip or project, there's nothing wrong with another bake sale. Do something a little different, though, and you may get more volunteers for the event. You might also get more media exposure, meaning more people will participate, which means more money raised.
    article related to: fundraising ideas, fundraising, ideas

  • 3). Planning A Charity Golf Tournament  By : hitsusa
    Looking for tips on planning a charity golf tournament? There are many factors to consider, so I'll stick to the four main ones for this article. The success of your charity golf event revolves around maximizing player turnout, increasing pledge sizes, obtaining sponsored prizes, and planning tips. Player Turnout Your success depends on how many players your golf event draws and how actively you have your players solicit sponsors for their own rounds.
    article related to: charity, fundraiser, golf, golf tournament, event, fundraising, non-profit, nonprofit

  • 4). Top 7 Youth Fundraising ideas  By : Jennifer Carter
    The most important rule in planning a youth fundraiser is to make sure that everybody has fun! These ideas will work well for a youth group, a church young people's group, non-profit group or a youth sports (e.g. football, baseball) group. Here are seven ideas to get your fundraising started:- Sales -if you type in “youth fundraiser” on any search engine you'll find offers to sell cookie dough, pizza cards, scratch cards, candles, sports goods and plenty more.
    article related to: youth, fundraiser, fundraising, money, group, church, sport, sports, non, profit, non-profit

  • 23). Easy Ways To Make Money through School Fund Raising  By : Peter Crump
    Did you know that school fund raising brings big business to many companies? This is because schools purchase the supplies they need for fund raising in large quantities. The company can easily give a discount because they sell a lot of products at one time. School fund raising is also becoming an important part of school life because it offers schools different ways of fundraising the money they need for the equipment and trips.
    article related to: school fund raising, school fund raiser, fundraising ideas

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