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Articles in: Home / Food and Drink

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  • 2). Two Faces Of Monster Energy Drink Side Effects—ally Or Enemy?  By : Low Jeremy
    For those individuals who have tried Monster energy drink, for sure they have experienced its monstrous effect. Designed to replenish lost body energy, Monster energy drink is really a trusted ally when it comes to activities or task which requires thousands of calories to be used. Whether you are an athlete, student, or working man, such energy drink is relatively helpful when it comes to increasing your stamina and improving your performance, no matter how many calories your body is burning.
    article related to: effects of energy drink, energy drink

  • 5). The Different Kinds Of Beef Jerky  By : Gray Rollins
    Beef jerky seems to cause extreme reactions in people. They either love it or hate it. I love it. Yes, eating beef jerky can be a marathon chewing experience. But I love the taste of it. It also helps me avoid eating too much junk food because after I eat a few pieces of beef jerky I’m satisfied and no longer want to consume an entire bag of potato chips.
    article related to: beef jerky

  • 7). Honey – Important Health Facts!  By : Anita Morris
    Honey is the most known apicultural product, it is a substance that the bees produce through a complicated process of elaboration, where they absorb the nectar and deposit it in their stomach, then go back to the beehive to deliver it, throwing up repeated times; this way ferments, acid and albumen are added to the nectar. It contains most of the essential mineral elements that our system needs.
    article related to: honey, food, health

  • 14). Homemade Ice Cream - Easier Than You think!  By : Scott Byers
    If you are looking for some great fun and a delicious treat any time of year, you will want to know about making homemade ice cream. This is a fun thing to do alone or with someone else. No matter what you are doing or what the temperature is outside, you will want to have some homemade ice cream for a great snack or treat. You will love making it along with eating it as well.
    article related to: ice cream, homemade, food, summer

  • 21). Foods That Can Trigger Migraines  By : Gregg Hall
    According to an ever-increasing number of studies, food and food additives are the most common trigger for migraine headaches. Some studies put food as the culprit behind kicking off the physiological reaction that causes migraine headaches in as much as seventy percent of cases.
    article related to: food gifts

  • 23). Helen's Pan Fried Seabass  By : Helen Porter
    Fish is, as they say, good for you. It contains a wealth of 'good' fats and protein, not to mention vitamins. Most people, however, seem a little rest

  • 24). Fish Oil - It’s Health Benefits & Risks  By : John H. Rogers
    As the name implies, fish oil is oil that is removed from the tissues of oily fish and is often recommended as part of a healthy diet program. Many nutritionists recommend that individuals each fish at least once a week, but emphasis must be placed on the importance of avoiding fish that contain certain harmful contaminants. In avoiding predatory fish, such as sharks and others, individuals will prevent the consumption of unhealthy substances which can accumulate due to the fish’s predatory lifestyle.
    article related to: fish oil

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