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  • 7). Cheating: Texas Holdem’s First Deadly Sin  By : Sage Kalmus
    Don’t do it. Not at the Texas Holdem table. Not anywhere else. ‘Nuff said. Right? Oh, you already don’t cheat? Well congratulations and good for you (and for the rest of us too). But as honest as you may be, cheaters do abound, as much in Texas Holdem as in any other game, and you’ll need to know their tricks in order to spot them before they turn them loose on you.
    article related to: texas holdem, poker

  • 10). The Ranking Of Poker Hands  By : blueboy
    Poker is becoming increasingly popular with more and more people not only playing the game but also watching television programs like the world series of poker. In this article, I describe the order in which poker hands are ranked, starting with the highest and also the probability that players have of being dealt that particular hand. A straight flush This is the best hand you can obtain and is the dream cards for any poker player.
    article related to: poker, pair, highest, rank, ranking, bet, lose, play, game, hands, card, ace, king, probability, one

  • 13). The Differences Between Online Poker and Offline Poker  By : Sage Kalmus
    Online poker you can play anytime you want -- 24/7 365. You can play it in total comfort, right from your own home, wearing whatever you like (or nothing at all), sitting, reclining, or jogging on a treadmill (though we don’t recommend it). You can set the lighting, temperature, and ambience to be just as you like it. In many ways, with online poker you simply have more control.
    article related to: online poker

  • 14). Texas Holdem Strategies  By : Sage Kalmus
    The subject of this article is basic Texas Holdem strategy; the common sense guidelines to smart poker that you’d better know well, because your opponents sure do, and they’re using it against you right now. Here we go! Fold Forget about what you see on TV. In real Texas Holdem you will be folding more often than anything else. And if you’re not, then you’re probably playing too frivolously.
    article related to: texas holdem, poker

  • 17). What Are The Odds – Big Slick Suited  By : R Mongoose
    Every list of texas holdem starting hands has Big Slick suited (AKs in poker shorthand) near the top. It is a very powerful starting hand, and one that shows a profit over time if played well. But, it is not a made hand by itself, and cannot be treated like one. Lets look at some of the odds involving AKs before the flop. Against any pair, even a lowly pair of twos, Big Slick at best a coin flip.
    article related to: poker odds, poker calculator, poker, texas holdem

  • 20). Roulette gambling systems  By : Steve Pavis
    Roulette may look like a very simple game in a casino but it may surprise you to know that among all of the games hosted in a casino or online gambling site, more gambling systems are formulated to try to beat the roulette wheel than any other game. It is true that an established gambling system will help you gain an advantage when playing roulette but don’t think that there is a system that can guarantee that you will become a multi-millionaire playing roulette in a casino or online gambling site.
    article related to: roulette, gambling, casino, roulette tips, roulett

  • 21). Women at the Casino Online  By : Sage Kalmus
    The fairer sex is fast becoming a dominating presence at nearly every casino online, and not merely as some man’s “lucky charm”. Back in 2002, a study revealed that women made up about 60% of all casino online players. The pit boss only knows what the numbers are today (though one study puts it at 53%) but one thing is for certain: long gone are the days of gambling, whether online or off, being purely a man’s world.
    article related to: casino online, online casino

  • 22). How to Read Payout Percentages of Online Casino Games  By : Sage Kalmus
    Each online casino rewards players differently and moreover, each online casino game does as well. You might have heard, for example, that craps has the best payouts of all while the payout percentages for video poker may be less than ideal (this is not a hard fast rule, merely an example). So what does this mean? What are payout percentages, how much.
    article related to: online casino game

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