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Articles in: Home / Family / Holidays

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  • 4). Orgin Of Valentine's Day  By : Nicole Dean
    Each February, in places around the world, friends exchange flowers, gifts, and candy in celebration of Valentine's Day. The name of St. Valentine is known across the globe as a patron saint. Most of us however, do not know the true origin of St. Valentine and how this special day came to be. What we do know is that February is the month of romance.
    article related to: romantic frugal vacations

  • 6). Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas For Children  By : Nicole Dean
    You can find a large variety of Halloween costumes available at stores in your neighborhood. However, when you consider the cost and lack of originality, homemade costumes are a more fun and oftentimes more cost-effective option. Plus, if you involve your children in creating the homemade costumes, the results will be worth more than any store-bought costume in any store.

  • 7). When Do You Give Thanks?  By : Roger Carr
    Do you wait until Thanksgiving Day or Christmas to thank those that you love and those that have helped you? It is important to spend time during these special holidays to be thankful. However, it shouldn't be the only time you demonstrate your love and appreciation to others. There are some great reasons to thank people throughout the year and not just during the holiday season.
    article related to: thanksgiving, christmas, gratitude, thanks, christmas, appreciation, giving, note

  • 10). Great Halloween Costume Ideas For Men  By : Rose Smith
    Are you tired of the same old Dracula, Elvis or grim reaper costumes? Perhaps you’re looking to try something different this Halloween? Using your imagination and a few unique props you can put together, here are a few men's Halloween costume ideas that will make you stand out from the crowd this year. Blackjack Dealer Dress yourself in black dress pants, a black vest, white shirt, black bow tie, and of course a name tag.
    article related to: adult costume ideas, halloween costumes, men's costumes

  • 11). Christmas and the Mistletoe Tradition  By : Catherine Spelling
    Have you ever wondered where some of our modern traditions came from? As the Christmas season approaches, I have been doing some research regarding certain holiday-related topics. My findings may surprise even the biggest scrooge! Mistletoe has been revered by certain cultures for many, many years. The ancient Celts of Britain felt that Mistletoe held sacred powers of healing, and that it contained the soul of the tree from which it was cut.
    article related to: christmas, mistletoe, lights, decorations, ornaments, candles

  • 13). Halloween Wallpapers - Enjoy All The Year  By : CD Mohatta
    Halloween brings great fun and festivity. Every popular holiday does that, but Halloween is different. During Halloween, your mood is totally different. Your heart is full of joy and your mind is full of ideas. There are no stresses and no body thinks about work. Its only fun and joy. Halloween changes every mind and heart. There is joy all around. Halloween Desktop wallpapers help you enjoy that mood all through the year.
    article related to: halloween, wallpaper

  • 15). Historical facts about Thanksgiving Turkey  By : Sean Carter
    Prominent among all the symbols of Thanksgiving the turkey adorns the dining table of all Americans. As far as its nativity goes, the wild turkey is a native of North Mexico and the Eastern United States. People have the misconception that the bird belongs to the country Turkey but in reality the bird has nothing to do with the place sharing the similar name.
    article related to: thanksgiving turkey, thanksgiving, turkey, bird

  • 17). An Inspirational Poem for Mother's Day  By : Nicola Kennedy
    If you are looking for an inspirational poem that shows an understanding of what a mom has to deal with, this is the one. Every mom, young or old, knows this by heart and can only hope that her children will understand when they grow up. "You don't love me!" How many times have your kids laid that one on you? And how many times have you, as a parent, resisted the urge to tell them how much? Someday, when my children are old enough to understand the logic that motivates a mother, I will tell them.
    article related to: mothers day, mother, mothering sunday, mom, mummy, parent, family, home

  • 19). The Essential Message of Easter  By : Sharon Serot
    Regardless of whether you are an Episcopalian, Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist or “Christian” of some stripe, the festival of Easter is the highlight of our year. With its themes of His triumph over death and His resurrection, we prepare ourselves for the Ascension of our Lord. It is important to remember that Salvation is not just a historical event that took place in the distant past to other people in other places.
    article related to: religion, easter, gifts

  • 20). Night Before Christmas…. Significance of the poem  By : Sean Carter
    “Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house Not a creature stirring, not even a mouse. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, In hopes that St.Nicholas soon would be there”... The more we read it the more we love the lines. An evening in winter...children...the elders by the fire of them is reading out “Twas the night before Christmas.
    article related to: christmas, christ, santa, poem, moore.

  • 22). Thanksgiving Screensavers - Develop Attitude Of Gratitude  By : CD Mohatta
    Thanksgiving is the time to feel gratitude for everything that we have. It is not only the celebration, but also the spirit of thanks that makes this holiday so special. If we think about our life, and ourselves we should thank the clouds for giving us rain, the trees because they give us fruit, the earth because it gives us a place to live. Our parents for giving birth to us, our friends, for sharing our thoughts and being with God and us for giving all these.
    article related to: thanksgiving, screensaver

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