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  • 2). All About French- Speaking Countries  By : Philip Nicosia
    The French Language Roughly around 200 million people around the world speak French. This number includes people who speak French as a native language, as a second language and students of all ages who do not live in a francophone (French-speaking) country but have learned French. In fact French as a foreign language is the second most commonly taught language worldwide after English.
    article related to: french, spanish e-courses, french language program

  • 4). Practice Phrasal Verbs  By : ESL Free Lesson
    An idiom is a phrase that has a meaning different from the meanings of its parts. Idiomatic expressions are commonly used and understood slang phrases. An essential kind of idiom is the phrasal verb, a verb whose meaning is changed when a second word is added. The second word is known as a particle. Verb + particle = phrasal verb. Below are some examples of phrasal verbs.
    article related to: esl, english grammar, learn english

  • 7). Spanish Love: Spanish Poets and Their Spanish Poems  By : Philip Nicosia
    Love and its attendant passions has been the favorite subject of Spanish poetry since the time of the troubadours, medieval poets who earned their keep by singing for the people at the village square or for the nobility during royal gatherings at the palace. Composers in their own right, these court poets sang about courtly love and the bittersweet pain of unattained love for an idealized woman using the jarchas, a form of love song that was actually poetry written in very short stanzas.
    article related to: spanish language, free language learning guide

  • 8). Why Should People Learn Spanish?  By : Lisa Nobles
    I remember the first time I visited Mexico. It is a beautiful country. I was young so naturally, I went with my parents. None of us could speak more than a few words of Spanish. We had a vague idea of how the Mexican currency worked, but we were clueless when it came to how much to pay people at restaurants and the shops. Let’s just say it was an interesting experience (and I’m sure we were overcharged a number of times).
    article related to: learn spanish, speak spanish, foreign language

  • 9). Understand Slang  By : ESL Free Lesson
    Certain common expressions that American English speakers use frequently may not be found in your English dictionary, but they are essential to understand. Below is an example of a slang expression. "Hey!!" This word is spoken in order to get someone to listen to you immediately. "Hey! You dropped your keys." "Hey! Don't go!" It is often used in ways that convey negative emotion, like anger.
    article related to: esl, english grammar, learn english

  • 11). Immerse Yourself in the Greek Language and Culture  By : Happs1
    The Greek language is over 3,500 years old, though it has evolved through the years. Over 15 million people worldwide speak Greek. It is the official language of Greece and Cyprus, and is spoken natively by immigrants living in many countries around the world. The Greek alphabet is considered the first real alphabet, and was a predecessor of the Latin alphabet, and eventually our own alphabet.
    article related to: language school, learn greek language, languages

  • 13). English Teachers And Culture Shock  By : Brenda Townsend Hall
    I was talking recently to a young woman who had just returned from a teaching post in Korea. She said her first months in her job were a nightmare because of the unfamiliarity of everything. It made me wonder how teachers can prepare themselves to cope with culture shock. Anyone who leaves their familiar environment for a prolonged spell is prone to the stress of culture shock. Although we know on a rational level that we are going to meet unfamiliar routines and customs, ...
    article related to: teach english, teaching english, teaching english overseas, esl jobs, esl, tefl, tesol

  • 14). Improve Your Mind Power With Spanish  By : Steve Gillman
    Our "mind power" is largely in the way we use our words, and limited by our vocabulary. Words, and the concepts they express, are different in each language, and there are differing common expressions. That's why when you learn a new language, you learn new ways to think. Most Americans see money as something created, not as a static quantity to be divided up.
    article related to: mind power, mind, spanish, speaking spanish, learning, language

  • 18). Make English Friends  By : ESL Free Lesson
    Try to locate a person in your school or area that is a fluent speaker of English, and ask that individual to meet with you on a regular basis in order to practice your English. You will have the chance to ask this native speaker questions about English grammar and pronunciation, while speaking about issues that both of you have an interest in. Bring a pen and a note pad with you so that you can write down any words that are unfamiliar to you.
    article related to: esl, english grammar, learn english

  • 21). Immerse Yourself in the Japanese Language  By : Happs1
    Japanese is a language spoken by more than 120 million people worldwide in countries including Japan, Brazil, Guam, Taiwan, and on the American island of Hawaii. Japanese is a language comprised of characters completely different from the western alphabet that makes up such languages as English, French, Italian, and German. If you are required to learn Japanese for business reasons, or if you are planning a vacation to the Asian island, it might seem intimidating to learn a language so different for your own.
    article related to: language school, learn japanese language, languages

  • 23). Learning Spanish The Benefits of Multilingualism  By : Dave Carter
    So you’ve decided to learn a language – good for you! This is a great hobby that gives real results that you can use in your everyday life, whether you are planning a vacation, or want to add diversity to your resume. And with over three hundred and fifty million people in the world speaking Spanish, what better language could there be to learn? With twenty-five countries in the world speaking the language as their official or primary language, learning Spanish makes sense.
    article related to: spanish lessons

  • 25). Writing Japanese: What is Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana  By : Philip Nicosia
    The Japanese language is so fascinating. The tonal qualities of the language is quite unique and the inherent politeness of the Japanese people is translated well into its language which is in turns elegant and stylish and drips with respect. Japanese writing is also a very elegant script and it has evolved from its original Chinese script beginnings to become something that is intrinsically Japanese.
    article related to: japanese, spanish, e-course, japanese language

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