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  • 6). Chopper Parts  By : Jason Gluckman
    Few road vehicles look as unique and stunning as Choppers. These customized bikes epitomize all things wild and creative in the bike world. In simple terms, a chopper is a bike, usually a Harley Davidson or Indian, which has several of its parts ‘chopped off’. This is done in order to make the vehicle lighter, easier to maneuver and more eye-catching.
    article related to: choppers, mini choppers, custom choppers, chopper parts

  • 7). Motorcycle Rides and Risks  By : Maricon Williams
    Weather condition for instance has its sets of advantages and disadvantages. Rainy days make riding pretty difficult. Imagine this scenario. The road is slippery and wipers won’t work plus the rain blurring your vision. The controls on your bike get soaking wet. What an agony! Certainly, rainy weather invites preposterous outcomes. Your foot can slip off the pedal.
    article related to: motorcycle parts, motorcycles

  • 14). What To Look For When Purchasing An ATV Tire  By : Mike Barus
    If you are in the market for purchasing tires for your all terrain vehicle (ATV), there are several factors for consideration. There are a great variety of tires on the market and it is quite easy to become overwhelmed at the sheer number of choices available from different brands. In order to find the best tires for your specific ATV that meets your needs, consider these three points: 1.
    article related to: atv, atv tires, tires, atv accessories

  • 15). Mini Moto Engines  By : Matt Tong
    Industrial engines. They are still used by several manufacturers (most notably Blata on their entry level bike) and typically produce between 2.5 and 3.5 horse power (hp). All are air-cooled. Tuning and performance parts are very limited. The Chinese 47/49cc. These engines are used in the Chinese made mk2, and mk3 minimotos. They are air cooled and produce between 2.
    article related to: mini moto, mini motos, mini moto parts, mini dirt bike, mini motobike, motorbike

  • 16). A Beginners Guide to 110cc Bikes  By : Charles and Susan Truett
    A 110cc bike is a powerful mini sport bike for more experienced riders who want a faster mini bike for competition or personal satisfaction. Mini sport bikes are all the rage and there are many varieties from very small to medium size and most can reach speeds in excess of 30mph. A 110cc bike is a great bike for racing and all types of competition for riders with a higher level of experience.
    article related to: pocket bikes, super pocket bikes

  • 19). I want those TIRES  By : Maricon Williams
    Tires are important. In fact, your choice of tires can affect comfort, handling, safety and more. There are two kinds of tire construction. The first is the bias-ply and the other is called the radial. Bias-ply construction is generally used by cruisers. On the other hand, radial construction is used by sport bikes. You can easily distinguish one construction from the other for bias-ply has round profile while radial has a flatter and shorter version.
    article related to: aftermarket motorcycle parts, motorcycle parts

  • 20). Racing Fast Super Pocket Bikes  By : Charles and Susan Truett
    The latest craze worldwide is purchasing and racing Pocket Bikes. However, this can be very dangerous to the inexperienced rider. These bikes are not toys and should never be underestimated. The bikes that are more powerful and expensive are strictly built for experienced adult riders, not children looking for a joyride. These bikes are built sleek and fast for racing.
    article related to: pocket bikes, pocketbikes, super pocket bikes

  • 21). More to Learn about Spark Plugs  By : Maricon Williams
    Size Let us distinguish the important difference in spark plugs threaded ends. They come in four diameters and lengths. They come in nominal 14, 10, 12 and 18 millimeters diameters. Previously, there was a slight difference in thread configuration especially in different countries. However, the international standardization of the thread forms made it uniform.
    article related to: motorcycle parts, motorcycles

  • 24). OEM or Aftermarket (Detailed Version)  By : Maricon Williams
    You may be needing of an OEM motorcycle part or may be not. Read on to know more. OEM part is short for Original Equipment Manufacturer part. At first sight, it may be understood as originally manufactured per se. However, many motorcycle manufacturers do not really manufacture every motorcycle part of their bikes. They have some parts designed and manufactured by outside companies.
    article related to: aftermarket motorcycle parts, motorcycle parts

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