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  • 2). Understanding The Purpose Of The Guitar Neck Shim  By : Michael Granger
    Some guitars will just NOT adjust properly with the standard methods available like the bridge saddles, nut filing adjustments and the ability to set the bow (or lack thereof) of the neck itself. Adding shims to the bolt on neck may be necessary to get the guitar to play properly at all locations up and down the neck. A nut shim acts as a spacer between the nut and neck raising and lowering the distance between all of the strings at the lower end of the guitar, starting at fret 1 and moving towards the body of the guitar.
    article related to: musical instruments, guitar repair, music, guitar

  • 8). An Alternative Way To Adjust Your Guitar Nut  By : Andrew Preston
    Most new guitars arrive from the factory with the nut just barely playable. Older guitars may have the nut filed or worn down so much that fret buzz cannot be eliminated by neck or string height adjustment. If you have a new guitar, or you are replacing the nut with a new one, here is an alternative method to file and adjust the nut material to make your guitar play like the professionals guitars play.
    article related to: musical instruments, guitar repair, music, guitar

  • 15). Visual Kei As a Music World Vision  By : Music Babylon
    Visual Kei appears to be frequently used in videos and grab audience’s attentions. Visual Kei followers are characterised by a rather stunning, although freak appearance of a striking make-up and elaborate costumes, causing a shock effect. To recall, for instance, Merlyn Manson, who is among few to follow the style in the US. The trend is popular among modern bands, irrespective of rumours, suggesting that the style suffered no popularity in the USA and Europe.
    article related to: visual kei, gothic style, visual, media culture, band, music culture

  • 18). U2s Bono From Rock Star To Designer To Humanitarian  By : Sher Matsen
    U2s lead singer Bono isn’t content with being part of a top band. Fashion and Music – well I’m sure they can mix! Bono was born Paul David Hewson in 1960 in Dublin Ireland. His stage name is Bono. Bono is the lead singer of US, he is also a songwriter. He married Ali Stewart in August 1982 and they have 5 children. Bono is also actively involved in as an activist and screenwriter.
    article related to: bono, u2, designer, humanitarian, rock star, singer

  • 19). Who is Mac Dre?  By : Jake McMullan
    Mac Dre was born on the fifth of July 1970 in Oakland, he grew up in Vallejo, California and lived there most of his life. In 1989 Mac Dre released his first album, an EP titled 'Young Black Brotha' it had 4 tracks on it and one track ironicly titled 'Too Hard for the Fuckin Radio' started getting air play in North Californian radio stations. In 1991 Mac Dre returned with 'California Livin'' and by the time he released his third album 'Whats really goin on'(1992) his music was being played all over Vallejo and North California for that matter.
    article related to: mac, dre, thizz, ent, entertainment,, andre, hicks, treal, tv

  • 24). How To Make A Unique Music Box  By : Monique Hawkins
    Copyright 2006 Monique Hawkins For the music box and antique collectors who enjoy a challenge and like to do creative crafts, making their own music box can be lots of fun! Here are directions to make a unique music box called "Around The World." This was taken from Sharon Ganske's book, "Making Marvelous Music Boxes". Materials Needed Unfinished.
    article related to: music box, music

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