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Articles in: Home / Computers / Networks

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  • 2). Ethernet - explained  By : john
    Do you use Ethernet? You might think that you donít, but donít be so sure. Ethernet is everywhere Ė if you use a networked computer, whether itís at home or in your office, youíre using Ethernet. Ethernet is two things: a kind of cable for connecting computers together, and the method of communication that the computers use over the cables. Essentially, it is the glue that holds LANs (local area networks) together.
    article related to: ethernet, network, internet

  • 6). Router - Denial Of Service Attacks  By : Michael Russell
    Routers are not perfect. For that matter, nothing is. So if somebody wants to give a router more than it can handle there is a way to do this. We're going to take a look at what are called denial of service attacks. A router can only handle so much information coming into it at one time. Every machine has its limits and routers are no exceptions. Well, when the nasty trend of denial of service attacks started early this century, routers were unprepared for them.
    article related to: router

  • 11). Router - Transmitting Packets  By : Michael Russell
    In a previous article we discussed the basics of what a router did. We're now going to get into a more detailed, and yes technical, explanation of how packets are transmitted as well as a few other tech specs of how routers work. So put on your learning caps because you're in for a real mind bender. Internet data, whether it be in the form of a web page, a downloaded file or an email message, travels over what is called a packet switching network.
    article related to: router

  • 14). How to Build a Cat 5 Cable  By : Joe Hamilton
    STEP 1 - Stripping Start by pulling out about 12 feet of bulk network cable to making the process a little easier. Carefully remove the outer jacket of the cable exposing about 1 1/4" of the twisted pairs. Be careful when stripping the jacket as to not nick or cut the internal wiring. After removing the outer case you will notice 8 wires twisted in pairs and a rip cord (white thread).
    article related to: cat 5 cable, how to build a cat 5 cable, cat5, ethernet cable, build a cable

  • 16). Thereís no mystery in the IP address!  By : Gamit Ana
    The Computer is a very complicated device we use for our every day comfort and the importance of some of its numerical aspects is sometimes neglected. For example: a different number is given to each computer when its user goes online or when it is part of a network. This number is the IP address and knowing about it is like knowing where you liveÖ Whatís my IP and what do its numbers stand for? IP stands for Internet Protocol and the address is formed from 4 numbers separated by periods.
    article related to: ip address, geo location, my ip, ip, find my ip address, my ip address, ip lookup sites

  • 17). Crime Fighting Computer Systems and Databases  By : Sam Vaknin
    As crime globalizes, so does crime fighting. Mobsters, serial killers, and terrorists cross state lines and borders effortlessly, making use of the latest advances in mass media, public transportation, telecommunications, and computer networks. The police - there are 16,000 law enforcement agencies in the Unites States alone - is never very far behind.

  • 18). It's 12 Noon, Do You Know Who's Using Your Network?  By : Jason Frovich
    The idea of reading email while lounging by the pool, text or instant messaging while doing the laundry, or lounging in the Jacuzzi listening to your MP3 collection is appealing to us all. Unfortunately, many, or even most, wireless units don't come with security features already functioning. This may not seem like a big issue to someone who is simply setting up a home network, but there are a number of potential problems you should consider.
    article related to: identity theft

  • 20). Home Wireless Networks Are More Popular Than Ever  By : George Royal
    It is now very simple to set up home wireless networks. Wireless networks are very popular and are found in many places such as cafes and other public areas. There are no actual cables and the set up is very minimal. With the boom in this technology and an increase in the manufacture of this technology this has resulted in a decrease in the cost of setting up wireless networks and made them available to the typical user.
    article related to: wireless network, security, computing, networking, home networks

  • 21). Network Performance Monitoring  By : Ariel R
    For early risers it often feels like the most productive time at the office is early in the morning before everybody else arrives. There is a nice quiet calm, no distractions and no interruptions so that focus can be maintained. It even feels like the internet runs faster in the morning before everybody else gets on. In most office there is a considerable difference in computer network speed during high load and low usage times.
    article related to: performance monitoring

  • 22). Wireless Home Security Camera  By : Sezer Bozkurt
    Home security is an important issue for any person. A personís home is their castle and they want to feel safe and secure. There are several security measures that can be implemented to ensure security such as alarms but one that ensures peace of mind is a wireless home security camera package. Whatís need in the package is a camera to fit either just outside the front or back door that transmits a wireless signal.
    article related to: wireless media router

  • 23). Is Your Wireless Network Secure?  By : Jeremy Whittaker
    Networking professionals are encouraging people to think twice about wireless network security. You might be thinking I use WEP-128 bit encryption with MAC address filtering, Iím safe. Or you may be youíve never even heard of WEP, if this is the case you might want to unplug your wireless access point immediately. But then again look at the bright side at least you donít have the false sense of security that your network is secure.

  • 24). Defense Pro by Radware - the Best Computer Defense Available  By : Ariel R
    As the popular saying goes; the best defense is a good offense, so too can it be applied to computer security. To safely secure a computer network a passive firewall is no longer enough. Hackers have learned and adapted their tactics to bypass firewalls and antivirus software. What is needed to defend your computer network is an active and intelligent monitor and defender.
    article related to: defense pro

  • 25). The Simplest Way to Get Online Passive Income  By : Isulong SEOPH
    Based on my research, this seems to be the basic principle that website owners have been following to get passive income online: * Get many people to come to your website * Get them to click on your Adsense links Sounds simple enough. Get people into your website from Google search, then link out to an Adsense Ad. Search In Ė Adsense Out. Practically applying it to get sufficient commendable income, however, can be quite a challenge.
    article related to: isulong seoph, seoph, seo, seo philippines

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