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  • 1). Unprecedented secret for getting backlinks  By : Richard Rosse
    Uprecedented Secret Revealed! How to get tons of backlinks to your website! This secret apparently known only to some few people around. first, let me ask you: how much would you pay for more than 1,000 one way backlinks to your website? I guess it will be around 500$-5000$, depending on the quality of the websites. Now i'll show you how to get that for a less than 200$, or even for nothing if you will be the one to do the work, which in my opinion is also fun! keep reading, my unprecedented secret in a couple of paragraphs.
    article related to: marketing, link building, promoting, ranking, backlink, seo, backlinks, links

  • 2). Improve Your Directory Submission Acceptance Rates  By : Katherine Keleher
    Using directory submissions to get links to your website and gain visibility will usually give you permanent links and advertisement for your site. The benefit of this is that with only a small effort you can submit to the directories and then just sit there and enjoy the quality links and higher search engine rankings you get for your site. The problem is that the more well-known directories get thousands of applications to their sites.
    article related to: directory submission, link building

  • 3). Get More Traffic Using Niche Articles  By : Ron King
    What is the key to Internet business success? It's simple: Targeted Traffic Clever internet marketers have long used a variety of ways to herd targeted traffic to their web pages, such as: pay-per-click campaigns, email marketing, search engine optimization, and ezine advertising. However, there is a simple, effective method that many marketers have missed -- submitting brief, 400+ word articles, so that they appear all over the internet.
    article related to: articles

  • 4). 2 Keys To "Manual Surf Traffic Exchange" Success  By : Mark Tse
    Do you use Manual Surf Traffic Exchanges to drive traffic to your websites or affiliate links? In case if you are a new internet marketer and do not know what is a Manual Surf Traffic Exchange, here is a short explanation: "Manual Surf Traffic Exchange is a online service, where members can show their websites to other members, by viewing (surfing) other members websites.
    article related to: traffic exchange, manual surf, hit exchange, topsurfer

  • 15). The Bottom of the Chain - PTR and PTC Programs  By : Patism66
    There a type of traffic exchange that is worthy of mention, the paid to read email programs, and pay to surf programs. I’ve found several on the traffic exchanges. They have various payment structures. You can also use your earnings for advertising. This is where you agree to view advertisements for a set amount of time for a fraction of a penny per pageview.

  • 17). Paid Per Click Versus Link Popularity  By : Hari Wibowo
    There is a lot to be said regarding Paid Per Click Advertising and Link Popularity. I will briefly explain the two and the merit of each. Paid Per Click Advertising, simply abbreviated as PPC Advertising, is performance based advertising where advertisers spend money for every visitors that go to their website, depending on their objectives. This is a new way of advertising pioneered by Google.
    article related to: submit your url free directory link popularity

  • 20). How To Manage Directory Submissions  By : Mike Paolieri
    'More than 80% of the traffic comes from the top ten search engines'. You have probably read this statement many times and it's true at least for the majority of websites. So how about web directories? Is submitting your site to them a waste of time? Even if directories usually don't deliver a lot of traffic they contribute inbound links to your site increasing its link popularity a very important factor used by search engines to rank websites.
    article related to: directory, directories, submission, submit, promotion, promote, advertising, advertise

  • 21). How do I get to be #1 on Google? Part 2  By : Willow Wood
    Last week we looked at search engine optimisation and I made a start by touching on a few basic principles, choosing your keywords carefully, making sure your keywords appear significantly and consistently in the text of your page and once or twice in bold or italics. Make sure you have used “headings” (h1 or h2 etc.) and do not use graphics for titles or section headings, which the search engines cannot read.
    article related to: seo, optimisation, #1 on google

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