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  • 2). Video Chatting tips  By : Angela_S
    Chatting can be full of fun and enjoyment.It is easy to do and you get to know interesting people from around the world. First time chatting is sometimes scary experience for people. You just do not know what to say and everyone is writing with abbreviations, so you don't even understand what is being said. Just remember, everyone in that room had a first time experience and almost everyone will help guide you.
    article related to: chatting, chat, video chat, webcam chat, video conferencing

  • 4). Video Conferencing Hardware and You  By : Mark Walters
    If you are new to the game there is some video conferencing hardware to consider. Gone are the days when you had to fly across the country and drain your company's expense account just to attend a two-hour meeting. Now, all you have to do is turn on your computer and you're ready to go. But if you are new to the world of video conferencing online, it may not be that easy.
    article related to: video conferencing, hardware, internet webcam

  • 5). The Benefits Of Conference Calling for Businesses  By : Richard Cussons
    Whether your business is large or small, conference calling is a solution that you have likely used at some time or another for its time saving and relationship building advantages. While you may just think of a call with multiple participants when you hear the word conference call, there are actually quite a few different conference calling solutions available to you.
    article related to: conference call, conference calling

  • 9). Video Conferencing - How Law Firms Can Benefit  By : Harold German
    Video conferencing has been used by law firms for many years, but only until recently has it become affordable for even the smallest of firms. Equipment that cost tens of thousands of dollars only a few years ago, can be purchased for a fraction of that cost today. The products have become more reliable, easier to use, more compact, even portable, and their capabilities and features have been enhanced drastically.
    article related to: videoconferencing, video conferencing, video

  • 17). Video Conferencing - Usage Fueled by Rising Gas Prices  By : Harold German
    The first noticeable surge in usage was due to concerns over terrorism. The second was due to concerns over diseases such as SARS. The latest appears to be tied directly to the rising costs of gasoline. For the third time in this young century, organizations from various sectors, including education, government, legal and manufacturing, are making the move to video conferencing in droves.
    article related to: video conferencing, video, polycom, tandberg

  • 20). Video Conferencing It Finally Works  By : Harold German
    Remember those bulky, expensive video conferencing systems you would see in well-equipped conference rooms not too long ago? You know, the ones the office manager never allowed you to touch? Every now and then, you were invited to sit in on a video meeting and you would curiously await the pixely face on the screen. By all accounts, the one-time fuzzy, unreliable and inaccessible technology known as collaborative technologies are making a more pronounced and permanent impression on organizations of all sizes.
    article related to: videoconferencing, video conferencing, polycom, tandberg

  • 21). The Amazing Applications of Web Conference Calls  By : Amit
    Conferencing in its very basic form might be two people talking over the phone while browsing through a web site and making comments about the content. Web conferencing started initially as an audio conferencing calls and it is still largely Used today mainly for presentation calls where the host is guiding a group of listeners, illustrating to them some concepts and from time to time answers questions or asking for comments.
    article related to: web conference calls, conferencing, video conference, netmeeting, polycom

  • 22). Live Video Teleconference Broadcast Via Satellite Feed  By : Suwat Muenpan
    Video or teleconferences can be scheduled for any time, any day 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. This was again a live video teleconference broadcast via satellite feed. You may see no video, or live feeds of other educational events at this link before the teleconference date and time. Scheduling a convenient time for the video teleconference can be tricky based on when classes meet and what time zone they are located in.
    article related to: teleconference broadcast

  • 23). Desktop Video Conferencing Consumer Version Technology Such As VOIP  By : Amporn Saechin
    Desktop video conferencing is the consumer version of the "picturephone" services used by large corporations. If the analysts are correct, desktop videoconferencing is set to take off. Technology such as VOIP can be used in conjunction with desktop videoconferencing to enable face-to-face business meetings without leaving the desktop. Desktop PC videoconferencing promises to make this a reality, although it remains to be seen whether there is widespread enthusiasm for video calling.
    article related to: video conferencing

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