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Articles in: Home / Health / Wellness

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  • 3). Thread that Lip Hair Away  By : Nicky Pilkington
    Women donít want all that hair in places other than on their head! With either heredity or age, the ladies are bound to get a moustache on their upper lip and itís never ever welcomed. First there was shaving, and then came the plethora of creams, lotions and potions to remove hair, then there was waxing, and even electrolysis. Now gals, thereís yet another method you may choose to rid that unwanted stache on your upper lip. Itís called Threading.
    article related to: health insurance, hygiene, therapy, allergies, bacteria, skin care, cosmetic, cellulite, surgery

  • 10). Ergonomics and You  By : Barney Garcia
    Ergonomics is defined as the study of human factors and how they affect the design of equipment, systems, and jobs. The term human factors and ergonomics can be used interchangeably. The formal definition of ergonomics is:
    article related to: ergonomics, ergonomic

  • 14). How To Choose Your Perfect Hair Cut  By : frederic lampard
    A good short hair cut has the right proportions and includes all the basic elements of balance, line and movement. The cut should be manageable and the hair should look great in its natural form even before it is styled.
    article related to: hair style

  • 19). Health Hazards Of Obesity  By : Kevin Pederson
    Obesity jeopardizes an individuals health in more ways than one. It imperils both body and mind of an obese individual. An obese individuals distorted body shape and appearance can be a source both of humiliation and discomfort. Many obese people complain of pain in the joints and may develop arthritis (osteoarthritis) because they have overburdened their knees and joints with their excess body weight. This is the most obvious health hazard that obesity invokes.
    article related to: obesity, weight loss home remedies, home remedy, natural remedies, wellness, natural cure, health

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