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Bathroom Remodeling Top Related Articles

  • 2). Bathroom Remodeling - You Can Do That  By : Dennis Watson
    Copyright 2006 Dennis Watson After purchasing an investment home it became clear that we needed to remodel the bathroom. We wanted to change the layout which included relocating the plumbing and fixtures. We plan on living in this house until we sell it so we wanted to feel comfortable while conducting our daily personal hygiene plus remodeling the bathroom makes good financial sense for when we go to sell the property later.
    Article Related to: plumbing, bathroom remodeling, remodeling, fixtures, shower, toilet

  • 20). Hardwood Flooring in the Bathroom  By : irinaz
    When building or remodeling a bathroom, people have shied away from using hardwood flooring in those spaces. The mantra that designers and architects have stuck to is “wood and water don’t mix”. The inevitably humid environment in a bathroom as well as unavoidable spills and splashes have the power to warp wood flooring, rendering it unattractive and encouraging the growth of potentially destructive and dangerous molds.
    Article Related to: bathroom remodeling, remodeling, bathroom, hardwood floor, flooring, wood flooring

  • 23). Add Luxury to Your Bathroom Without Spending a Fortune  By : TCThorn
    After kitchens, bathrooms are the most commonly remodeled rooms in the house. That makes sense, since for many of us, the bathroom is the only place we can escape for some private time. You can shut out the kids, the pets, and the spouse, at least for a while. Whether you enjoy reading by candlelight in a scented bath or just like the feel of hot water pounding against achy muscles in the shower, the bathroom can be a little oasis from the hectic activities in your house.
    Article Related to: home improvement, bathroom remodeling


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