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Business Management Top Related Articles

  • 17). The Importance Of Happy Employees  By : Judy Piccaro
    Have you ever walked into a business establishment and been immediately struck by a negative, tense atmosphere? Sure you have! And did you do what most of us do? Stand there in the hopes of getting someone's attention - shifting from foot to foot and clearing your throat only to be met with a stony silence and averted faces! Finally you speak up in the hopes that one of the employees in your line of vision will respond.
    Article Related to: employees, business management, moral

  • 24). eBusiness Is More Efficient Than Ever  By : Jon Slocum
    E-business is a term used for the process of doing business electronically, i.e. through the Internet. Many people mistake it with e-commerce though e-business has wider scope than e-commerce. The latter describes only B2B transactions. In an e-business, partnership implies coupling and building virtual enterprise. The term e-business a new concept that has emerged only after business through Internet came in practice.
    Article Related to: management, business management, time management, project management


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