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Car Safety Top Related Articles

  • 3). The Benefits of Airbags  By : Joe Thompson
    Airbags have been all made available for many vehicles for a long time running. In fact, the United States government has made sure that these would be made standard for vehicles. This has become reality for in July 11, 1984, the US government has already required all cars to airbags for the driver’s side at least. Come 1998, it was later on mandated that all vehicles should contain airbags in the front end of the vehicle.
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  • 8). The Importance of Car Safety  By : Morgan Hamilton
    Car safety has most assuredly improved through the years since the debut of the automobile. The founders of the industry would be truly astounded at all the features now available on our main form of transportation. The birth of the combustion engine has changed our lives and in most dramatic way. It has allowed us to journey to places that would otherwise have taken weeks or months to reach.
    Article Related to: car safety

  • 10). Automobile Safety Measures  By : Chris Snow
    With rapid advancement in technology, cars have undergone a paradigm change in their appearance as well as the speed that they are capable of achieving. The inventor, Mr. Ford himself would be surprised at the way his invention has got along. It is speed more than any other factor that has necessitated car safety measures to be kept at pace with the technological advancement in other spheres.
    Article Related to: automobile safety, automotive, car safety

  • 13). Why Rear Facing Child Safety Seats Are Safest  By :
    Copyright 2006 David Maillie What is the safest, a forward or rear facing child safety seat? Everyone has a different answer on this and many states have different laws governing the age, weight or size of the child or infant in question. By looking at and interpreting car accident reports and data it is an obvious finding that the severity of accidents were reportedly lower when a rear facing child safety seat was used properly.
    Article Related to: car safety, child safety seat, child safety, safety, car accident, firemen

  • 15). Car Safety: Protecting Precious Lives  By : Ernest R. Peterson
    Car safety is a critical component in the design of any new car nowadays, and no manufacturer will have a license to build and sell cars, if they don’t comply with all the car safety aspects. With the increase in technology and the resultant conveniences in our lives, the aspect of safety too has come to the fore. This is especially true in the case of automobiles.
    Article Related to: car safety, driving safety

  • 18). Crime Prevention..Car Safety Tips  By : Bill Thomas
    I once did something stupid(imagine that) to prove a point to a girl that worked with me a few years back. We both worked night shift then, and she was a rather young headstrong girl who liked to always come out on top of an argument. Several of us somewhat older guys used to like to give her a hard time and to get a rise out of her, which didn't take much effort.
    Article Related to: car safety, crime prevention, safety tips, crime stopper


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