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Ceramic Tile Top Related Articles

  • 7). Ceramic Mural Tile: Take A Closer Look  By : Carlo Morelli
    From its beginnings in 13th century Morocco, ceramic mural tile has been a staple in American design and décor. Although ceramic tile making was a craft known to the Egyptian, Chinese, and Babylonian ancients, the methods of its creation that we employ today stem directly from those early Moroccan artisans of ceramic mural tile. Although ceramic mural tile goes through phases of popularity, its appeal reached an apex during the Arts & Crafts movement, which endured until the 1920s.
    Article Related to: ceramic tile, mural, mosaic

  • 14). The Versatility Of Vinyl And Tile Floors  By : Dennis Conner
    The flooring of a home is one of the largest parts of the house that needs constant cleaning because of its exposure to high people traffic. No matter where the floor is located, it is always that part that is trodden upon and stepped on by occupants of an abode. Since floors are always exposed to dirt and wear and tear, every homeowner must take proper care in deciding on the type of flooring he would install for the different parts of the house.
    Article Related to: vinyl tile, ceramic tile, flooring, floor


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