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Customer Top Related Articles

  • 7). The 5 W's of World Class Customer Service Training  By : Rosanne D'Ausilio,Ph.D
    The preamble to the United States Constitution begins, ‘we, the people.’ I feel strongly that we, the people, are what make the difference in life, both personally and professionally. The interaction anyone has at any level with your employees, including you, gives a customer-- whether current, potential, internal or external--an opportunity to make a judgment about you, your company, all companies like yours.
    Article Related to: customer, service

  • 11). Marketing with Integrity  By : Alicia Smith
    Playing games can be a lot of fun, but in business they can take an ugly turn when they turn into head games. How we play games, or play at games, often reflects our true nature as to how we do business. We always have a choice. We can make it a win-lose or a win-win option. Playing head games in business involves lying, cheating, hidden agendas, one-upmanship, customer or employee exploitation, and the like.
    Article Related to: marketing, customer, business, integrity, creativity, situations, win-win, truths, games

  • 12). Design For Six Sigma  By : Peter Peterka
    Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) is the application of Six Sigma principles to the design of products and their manufacturing and support processes. Whereas Six Sigma by definition focuses on the production phase of a product, DFSS focuses on research, design, and development phases. DFSS combines many of the tools that are used to improve existing products or services and integrates the voice of the customer and simulation methods to predict new process and product performance.
    Article Related to: design, six, sigma, principles, manufacturing, product, research, improve, customer, dmaic, dfss, organizations

  • 24). When Should You Fire a Cleaning Customer?  By : Steve Hanson
    Copyright 2006 The Janitorial Store Years ago the phrase was coined, "The customer is always right." But this is not always a true statement, and keeping extremely demanding or troublesome customers may be biting into your profits. When you first started your cleaning business you were no doubt eager to get any paying customer you could get to sign on.
    Article Related to: fire, cleaning, customer


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