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  • 6). How to build positive Ebay feedback quickly.  By : Tradeco
    Presented by Tradeco As a new Ebay member, you will have no feedback. This can affect your credibility with both buyers and sellers. Furthermore, you are prevented from listing items with “Buy it now” or as a “Featured Plus” listing, until you have a feedback score of 10 or more. To build your feedback, you could battle through the early days, doing business as usual, with feedback increasing every time you make a sale or purchase.
    Article Related to: ebay, feedback, positive, quickly

  • 15). The Power of a Pen  By : Kevin
    Every leader, supervisor, coach, team member and parent has been told of the value of giving positive feedback. We’ve heard reasons why. We’ve heard we don’t do it enough. We’ve learned all of the basics about giving positive feedback successfully: make it timely, make it specific, and when giving positive feedback consider sharing it publicly. All of this is good advice, but it falls short of the mark if we want to make a long term lasting difference in the self-image, confidence, and performance of others.
    Article Related to: positive feedback, praise, feedback, written feedback, encouragement, appreciation

  • 16). ABOUT YOUR WORK  By : Nan S. Russell
    I like Simon, one of three judges on American Idol. I find his feedback refreshingly honest. And while his words startle me with their ego wounding potential, the traditional feel-good, let-you-down-easy, sugar-coated feedback is not much of a gift. It’s hard to tell someone they’re not good enough and their dreams are not going to happen, at least in this venue.
    Article Related to: winning, working, win, work, success, american idol, self-assessment, feedback

  • 21). Referrals Win Again  By : Dave Free
    I was out Christmas shopping with my wife last week. We were at Best Buy looking for video games for our teenage sons. My wife asked the clerk for his opinion on the best game for teenage boys. He ran through several. He did a good job, but none of the descriptions were compelling enough to make me want to pick one up. As he and my wife went on talking, a fellow shopper came up beside me and said, "Hey, if you want a good game for teenagers, get this one.
    Article Related to: business, small business, referral, grow, system, feedback, customer, satisfaction


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