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  • 8). Forcible Rape Defense; False Accusations in Relationship and Date Rape Cases  By : William F. Nimmo
    Forcible rape and attempted forcible rape between people who know each other, either casually or well, make up a sizeable percentage of the false accusations in the criminal justice system. The cry of rape or abuse is a familiar cry when a relationship goes sour or when a woman has second thoughts after a night of sex or near intimacy. While there are certainly legitimate claims of rape and attempted rape in the world, from the defendantís perspective there are good reasons to view each claim with skepticism.
    Article Related to: rape, law, defense, information, date, legal, court, lawyer

  • 24). Joint Custody in Divorce  By : Erwin Seltzer
    There had been a growing trend, in Ontario, in family and divorce law, over the last few years, for family courts to order joint custody of children. The hope, by some, was that the parenting skills of the parties could be improved with awards of joint custody. The recent Ontario Court of Appeal decision of Kaplanis v. Kaplanis, has tried to put this trend into perspective.
    Article Related to: joint custody, divorce, family, law, lawyer, children, toronto, markham


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